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"Sweet Sun" Screen SPF 30 | Sweet Life Spa

Organic Sun Care

Organic Sun Screen & Burn Relief

Organic Spa Body Care

Organic Spa Body Care
Organic Spa Body Care | Sweet Life Spa

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Organic Gift And Travel Sets

Organic Gift And Travel Sets
Organic Gift And Travel Sets | Sweet Life Spa
Petal Soft Glow | Sweet Life Spa

Petal Soft Glow

Petal Spa Skin Care

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Sweet Life Spa will be on display at the following events in 2019. *March 10th Embrace Market, Phoenix  *March 16th & 17th Pecan & Wine Festival, Camp Verde  *May 11th One World Water Lantern Festival, Prescott  *June 8th Alcantara Zinfest, Cottonwood  *October 5th Sedona Center, Sedona  *November 8th Walkin' on Main, Old Town Cottonwood

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Organic French Riviera Collection | Sweet Life Spa

Organic French Riviera Collection

Organic French Riviera Collection

Organic Foot Care

Organic Foot Care
Organic Mojito "Sweet Feet" Butter | Sweet Life Spa
Organic "Sweet Nails" Serum

Organic Hand Care

Organic Hand Care

Organic Oral Care

"Sweet Teeth" Powder & Charcoal
Organic "Sweet Teeth" Powder | Sweet Life Spa
Organic "Sweet Face" Collection | Sweet Life Spa

Organic Face Care

Organic "Sweet Face" Collection


I love that these organic products smell better than the brands in high end beauty stores and are made without nasty chemicals! The Banana Smoothie Cleansing Grains make my sensitive skin glow like crazy. The Petal Body Oil and Marine Moisture Serum have saved my skin this winter! 

Brandi M

I haven't worn any perfumes in YEARS until this one! Petal has a fresh, natural scent and the pineapple and pink grapefruit give it just enough "zip" to keep it from being too flowery. I have always been allergic to rose scented products, lotions, soaps, ect., but I use the Bulgarian Rose "Sweet Face" Wash & Serum and have no problem with either. Not only that, they smell much better than anything "scented" because this is their natural smell.

Lisa D. (Facebook Review)

Passion, research and integrity show in these fabulous products. I love them and look forward to more! I referred a friend and she loves the Face Serum, Wash and Butter Bar in Rose & Hibiscus on her extremely sensitive skin! Your knowledge and hard work is evident!!

Caren S.

This is the most amazing skin care. I was unaware how many ugly ingredients make up the things we use everyday. I am so glad I have discovered the truth and what to look for. Sweet Life Spa's products make a big difference in how much younger my skin looks and feels. I know this is because all is so naturally pure and mild. 

Joni H

I have been using the Rose and Hibiscus face sample set and eye serum. My dry skin has never been this soft. There's a lot in these bottles too! The face wash really cleans and my skin doesn't get dry or sting after using it. The coconut cream smells so good and it melts away my mascara. I put it over top of the serums at night and use a little on the ends of my hair too. I love that these are made in the USA with good for my skin ingredients. Your products are better 10 times better than the the skin care at the mall. So far I am super impressed with Sweet Life Spa! Thanks!

Brooke J (Facebook Review)

I just got my order of the full sized Rose Hibiscus sweet face wash, I love this product. I wanted to let you know that the hand written note is a very nice touch. I love the Vanilla Latte butter bar too.

Laurie A (Repeat Customer)

"I used Sweet Life Spa's zinc sunscreen, in Pina Colada, on a 3 hour hiking and swimming hole trip and missed the back of my shoulders when applying. This was my first time in the sun for the summer and I expected my face to get red, as usual. The only place I got burned was on my shoulders where I forgot to put it! It smells so good and a little goes a long way." 

Sienna R

I love these products! So many items to chose from. I had (I say had because my daughter snagged it) the rose eye serum and face wash. I love how it made my face feel. Soft and silky. Love it when my hubby feels my face after using it and he tells me I'm gorgeous!! Also the Vanilla Latte and Rose & Hibiscus Butter Bars are the bomb on freshly shaven legs!!

Sandy C. (Facebook Review)

Definitely the best skin care products. I love that they are all organic. Great customer service! My dry skin has never felt better! I use the Botanical Body Oil & Face Butter, Rose Face Wash, Rosewater Mist and Marine Serum. Twice a week I use the Petal Mask. It's all glorious!

Tatiana K