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Astaxanthin is an anti-aging powerhouse that has UV-blocking agents that assist the skin in protecting itself. This naturally occurring coral pigmented carotenoid is present in the skin of sea life such as Salmon, Lobster and Pink Flamingos. These creatures are protected by dining on the Micro-algae that grows at a rapid rate within the sea. With more than 400 clinical trials, it has been proven to be nature's most potent antioxidant shown to protect against UV damage, increase elasticity, collagen, texture and smoothness while decreasing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Astaxanthin is exceptional for retaining vast amounts of moisture for extended periods of time within our skin. It is scientifically proven to contain incredibly high amounts of Beta-carotene, 800 times stronger than COQ10, 550 times the potency of active Vitamin E than Green Tea and 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C from L-ascorbic Acid. Astaxanthin is an extremely powerful, yet gentle and effective anti-aging gift from the ocean that offers amazing results with no side effects or irritation even on sensitive skin. 

Skin Protecting Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals

Free radicals wreak havoc on our skin on a daily basis. Astaxanthin combats these pesky complexion destroyers by absorbing fully into dermal layers, revitalizing a dull complexion and providing a radiant glow. It plumps the skin and increases elasticity for a more youthful appearance as it shades the skin from UV damage. If you already have damaged skin, this super sea nutrient hydrates on a cellular level, calms inflammation and brightens the skin's tone. It has also been very effective for treatment of hyperpigmentation and Melasma and is a strong protector against environmental pollution. Please note that using a sunscreen is recommended for broad range UV rays along with our Marine Moisture Serum. In addition to Astaxanthin, we utilize Alaria Kelp and Red Seaweed, ocean botanicals that deeply nourish our skin.

Boosts The Potency Of Other Actives At A Fantastic Price

Astaxanthin draws other nutrients in from teas, roots and herbs in our spa products. It locks botanicals in place for the full effect of each ingredient. It retains moisture and keeps any skin type fresh, supple and radiant all day. There are only a handful of companies utilizing this incredible ingredient in their skin care products at a hefty price tag. Astaxanthin is an expensive and difficult component to blend into skincare. However, at Sweet Life Spa, we provide the same quality Astaxanthin the major companies use without the huge dent to your wallet, the ridiculous amount of synthetics or watered down additives. Our products are completely non-toxic and free from inexpensive fillers, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, Butylene Glycol, alcohol and artificial dyes and fragrance. We only incorporate premium ingredients from the earth.

Marine Moisture Serum With Astaxanthin

Our Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex is the perfect deep level moisturizing serum for day or night, especially for extremely dry, damaged and mature skin. Just a couple drops are all you need for repairing and protecting against the damage UV rays cause and for eradicating flakes, roughness and signs of aging. For Combination, Oily and Acne Prone skin, just a drop in your balancing moisturizer goes a long way to hydrate without irritation or excessive oiliness.

In addition to lush Marine Botanicals we add Super Fruits like Dragon Fruit, Red Raspberry and Avocado. Soothing Marshmallow Root, Pumpkin Seed, Licorice Root, Chia Seed and Olive Squalane soak in quickly without a greasy finish to moisturize, balance excessive sebum and brighten a dull complexion. It's aroma is from Organic Tangerine, Frankincense and Vanilla Bean for an uplifting experience. Our customers are raving about its performance on their skin!

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex

For your body, we highly recommend our Marine Spa Soak with sea minerals from Kelp and Pink Himalayan and Red Hawaiian Sea Salts. This luxurious soak is crafted with Certified Organic Coconut and Dairy Milk, Oats, Marshmallow Root, Hibiscus and Rose Petals and Buds. It's creamy Rose, Vanilla Bean and Coconut aroma is perfect for the romantic ones on your Christmas gift list this year.

Marine Spa Soak

To seal in the vitamins and minerals from our Marine Spa Soak, our Pomegranate Punch Body Butter is whipped to a fluffy consistency with Raw Sea Kelp, Shea and Mango Butter. Super Fruit Pomegranate, Camu Camu, Maqui Berry, Grape, Orange and Dragon Fruit brighten tone and nourish without a greasy finish. It's in a sweet and juicy fragrance that the whole family will love. Like all of our products, we skip the water so you receive concentrated nutrients for silky soft skin that stays moisturized day and night.

Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter

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