Benefits Of An Organic Serum For Combination, Oily or Acne Prone Skin


Sweet Life Spa’s Philosophy – “If it is not found in nature, your body doesn’t need it”! 

If you have been using drying treatments or skincare marketed as "oil-free" for blemishes for quite some time and are still on a roller coaster ride, Organic, Wild Harvested, unrefined and cold pressed, antioxidant-rich oils and plants are not your skin’s enemy, dehydrating synthetics and alcohol are. Harsh acne treatments may be a quick fix, but they often irritate and create dry flaky patches that makeup further accentuates. Contrary to popular belief, oily and acne prone skin is a sensitivity and dehydration issue that causes your sebaceous glands to go into overdrive as a mode of protection. This produces a waxier sebum that traps, oxidizes and hardens bacteria, dirt, makeup and debris in your pores. Your skin is only protecting itself from contaminants that were never supposed to be there in the first place! Your skin needs hydration provided by dry oils that purge debris and impurities from blocked pores, especially to combat the signs of aging and sun damage. Research also shows that people with problematic acne have a low level of Lineoleic Acid or Omega 6 found naturally in clear skin. Sweet Life Spa's "Sweet Face" Serum is handcrafted with the addition of oils rich in Lineoleic Acid.

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Serum

Restorative antioxidant-rich Super Fruit Seed, Bran, Olive Squalane and Nut Oils do not add a greasy film and are not known to clog pores. Instead they regulate sebum, block impurities, resist breakouts, fade scars and improve your skin’s texture. A properly formulated blend of dry oils soaks deeply into the channel of a clogged pore, neutralizes bacteria at the source and dissolves the hardened buildup. A good dermatologist will inform their patients that whether they prescribe a natural or lab created treatment program, blemishes often start way below the surface of your skin and may take weeks to months to appear. Note that after the use of synthetic skincare, your skin may experience a short term detoxification phase. After this process of 7-10 days, you are on your way to clearer, much more balanced skin. Our Green Tea Ylang-ylang Serum penetrates into your second layer of skin often speeding up the process of healing. We have had reports from many of our customers that they felt like a large pimple was going to come to a head, but it dissolved underneath the surface and went away completely. 

We do not add cheap fillers, alcohol, water, silicone or synthetic preservatives to our products, providing maximum potency and a fantastic value. Sweet Life Spa's "Sweet Face" Serum is formulated with the following 100% Pure, Non-toxic and Organic ingredients:

  • Organic Moroccan Argan Oil contains high levels of Omega 6, Carotenoids and free radical fighting Polyphenols that reduce inflammation, restore the lipid barrier, reduce the appearance of scars, exfoliate and clear pores, stimulate new cell growth, smoothness and firmness for supple skin.
  • Quick absorbing 100% Pure grown in the USA Olive Squalane tightens skin, improves the balance of moisture, diminishes the production of excess oil, prevents the development of breakouts, soothes redness, irritation and rashes, reduces pigmentation, contains antibacterial properties and is used in post surgical procedures. This is not Squalene from sharks that gained popularity years ago found in many skincare lines! Organic USA Rice Bran Oil soothes sensitivity, fights blemishes and slows down the aging process with quickly absorbing free radical COQ10, Ferulic Acid, Lycopene and the natural compound Oryzanol.
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic Green Tea that helps neutralize free radicals that cause premature aging, addresses scars and sun damage while improving elasticity for a youthful appearance. Our Green Tea Infusion is unique due to the fact that the tea is grown and harvested in the United States, not Asia.
  • Organic Vitamin C-rich, antimicrobial, blemish fighting and circulation boosting Grapefruit Oil and Ylang-ylang Oil from Madagascar for their citrus, floral and custard scent without being an irritant. Ylang-ylang not only smells exotic, it also boasts antiseptic, anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  •  Organic Papaya Seed Oil is an anti-inflammatory that fights blemishes by dissolving excess sebum and dead skin cells, addresses swelling, reduces hyper-pigmentation and lightens post-acne scars.
  • Organic Pomegranate, Rosehip Infused Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oils contain natural Vitamins A, C, E, K, and Minerals Zinc and Selenium that are vital in the synthesis of collagen and regulating skin tone, cleanse & detoxify, slough and exfoliate and fade scars while softening fine lines and wrinkles making them anti-aging powerhouses for oily skin.
  • Organic Sunflower derived Vitamin E, not from soybeans, adds a protective layer.

This Botanical Apothecary Anti-aging Dry Oil Serum is effective for day and night use for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hydrating properties. Only a few drops are needed as this serum is concentrated with a blend of premium problem solving oils that lasts for 4-6 months. We highly recommend our pH balancing “Sweet Face” Rosewater Mist as an alcohol-free pore refining, redness reducer before applying your serum or as a makeup setting spray that regulates bacteria and oil production anytime you need a refreshing spritz.

Organic "Sweet Face" Rosewater Mist

In chemistry, there is a science behind the term "lipophilic". It means oil dissolves oil. We have formulated a gentle deep cleanser for your specific skin type called "Sweet Face" Wash. It is a very unique slightly foaming face wash, a detoxifying clay mask and The Oil Cleansing Method all in one. There is nothing on the market quite like it and our customers give it rave reviews!

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Wash

For eye makeup removal, including waterproof mascara, we urge you to try  "Sweet Cream" of Coconut. This is the purest Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, from a private coconut plantation, that is cold pressed by hand from fresh coconut within 2 hours of harvest. It contains no hexane, bleaching agents or pesticides. It is not deodorized and smells like the sweet cream of coconut used in Pina Coladas served at the beach. Organic Virgin Coconut will generally not cause breakouts due to its purity. You can use it as a first step cleanser in your entire face before our "Sweet Face" Wash or just on your eye area. It is priced at only $15 and will provide you with hundreds of applications.

Organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut 

If you struggle with under eye puffiness and darkness, our "Sweet Eyes" Serum is crafted with botanicals to address these issues while softening fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is made with our Licorice Root, Green Tea, Damascus Rose, Chamomile and German Arnica Montana Botanical Solar Oils, replenishing Organic Nut and Seed Oils, silky Olive Squalane and Rice Bran Oils. This serum soaks in quickly and will not smear your eye makeup. Only one drop is needed for both eyes and a separate eye cream is generally not necessary. 

Organic Rose Green Tea "Sweet Eyes" Serum 

Taking time to relax, eating cleanly, drinking adequate water throughout the day and deep sleep will also help with breakouts caused by stress and hormones. Take care of yourself and your skin will thank you for it.

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