Banana Skin Benefits

The lusciously creamy, tropical banana boasts some amazing skin benefits, for any skin type. Its fine line and wrinkle softening, sebum regulating and exfoliating capabilities make this Super Fruit a must in Sweet Life Spa's Organic Banana Smoothie Cleansing Grains, Buff & Mask. This 3 in 1 Spa Botanical Scrub has the added benefits of soothing and detoxifying Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Root, Yogurt and Whole Cream, Colloidal Oats, Madagascar Vanilla and Moroccan Rhassoul and Kaolin Clay.

We do not use harsh preservatives in our gentle skincare to avoid irritation and over-productive sebaceous glands  Banana Smoothie is free of synthetics, water, drying alcohol and cheap fillers, only ingredients good enough to eat. Simply scoop out a 1/2 teaspoon with the provided scoop and mix in a few drops of water to make a spreadable paste. Gently scrub for 1 minute to cleanse your face or relax for 10 minutes with Banana Smoothie as a mask and rinse it off with warm water. This deep conditioning cleansing buff and mask is concentrated and will provide you with dozens of spa quality facials in the comfort of your own home. just be sure to not get water into the jar!

BANANA SMOOTHIE Cleansing Grains, Buff & Mask

Super Fruit Organic Bananas are a fantastic addition to your skin care regime with powerful plant based nutrients such as:

  • Zinc & Lectin- Fights acne causing bacteria for clear skin
  • B Vitamins - Protects against free radicals that cause oxidative stress, wrinkles and premature aging
  • Potassium - Moisturizes parched skin eliminating flaky patches
  • Vitamin A - Hydrates and smooths dry skin, fades dark spots and scars
  • Vitamin C - Regulates sebum production, vital for collagen production, fights free radicals
  • Amino Acids - Strengthens connective tissue, firms, nourishes and promotes elasticity
  • Antioxidants - Soothes itching associated with common skin conditions
  • Vitamin E - Aids in the repair of damage from free radicals and environmental stressors, protects from UV damage and slows down the aging process
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