Brazilian Buriti Oil For Radiant Skin And Hair

Buriti Fruit Oil (pronounced bu-REE-chee) is indigenous to the Amazon Rainforests and Central Brazil. The fruit from the Moriche Palm is revered as a Super Fruit, among the people of Brazil, which they have termed "The Tree of Life". The production of Buriti Fruit Oil is primarily controlled by women, whose job options are often limited in Brazil. Women carry out every step of the process from stripping the fruit to cold pressing the oil. The palm grows to 115 feet and is covered with pale yellow flowers December-April.

The flesh of the fruit is the color of a peach and surrounds an edible nut that is full of Antioxidants, Lineoleic and Oleic Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins that fortify, hydrate and protect the skin. The fruit is made into juice, jam, ice cream and fermented wine. The natives of Brazil use the orange-red oil to calm and revive dehydrated skin and hair. They make a paste from Buriti Fruit Oil and slather it on their bodies before prolonged sun exposure, claiming it is an excellent UV protector. Ongoing studies confirm it can filter both UVA and UVB rays and shield the skin from sun damage.

Organic Brazilian Buriti Fruit Oil is cold pressed from the pulp of the fruit and is known to be the richest source of beta-carotene, even higher than that of carrot seed oil (and it smells good, unlike carrot seed oil). Natural Carotenoids, including Vitamin-A, have anti-inflammatory properties and known to protect and support skin from environmental stressors. Along with its high levels of Vitamin-E, it provides twice the protection and easily penetrates the layers of mature skin as a softening agent. Also being rich in Vitamin-C and Fatty Acids, it is fantastic for dry skin, increases elasticity and softens the appearance of fine lines, Crow's Feet and wrinkles as an radiant anti-aging deep conditioner for all skin types. Brazilian Buriti Fruit Oil hydrates, smooths frizz and adds shine to chemically treated hair. It is an excellent protector against the damage caused by UV rays, heat and pollution. You will find this antioxidant-rich "Super Fruit" Oil in the following Sweet Life Spa products:

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Sweet Life Spa's Non-nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen feels like a body butter on your skin, does not leave a grimy feeling or a white cast. It feeds and protects your skin with antioxidants, tropical butters and nutrient dense oils. Organic "Sweet Sun" Screen SPF 30 protects from sunburn and skin damage from broad spectrum rays and is marine life and coral reef safe! There are no harsh synthetics, PABAs, parabens or artificial dyes, fragrances or colorants in any of our products.

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