Elderflowers For Our Skin

At Sweet Life Spa, we handcraft 39 Botanical Solar Oils, in the same technique employed for thousands of years, in apothecaries around the world. Our skincare is loaded with the gifts of nature that are the foundation of balanced skin that ward off toxins and impurities that we encounter on a daily basis. Among our vast collection of artisan oils is the beautiful Elderflower Botanical Solar Oil for radiant skin. 

Elderflowers, also known as European Elder, have a long history in German Medicine. They are rich in antioxidants like Quercetin, Vitamin C and antiviral agents for fighting the common cold and flu and oxidative stress that leads to many chronic diseases. In our home during the flu season we consume both Elderflower Tea and Elderberry Syrup. Elderflowers make a delicious cup of tea and are what makes the liqueur St. Germain so special. Gaining popularity is the Elderflower Cordial, which is a non-alcoholic soda style drink. Many love to create syrups, wine and jam out of these flowers.

Organic Elderflowers in our Botanical Skincare create an excellent emollient for locking in moisture for parched skin. It also carries astringent properties and is highly revered for detoxifying the skin in a gentle manner. It is often used internally as a blood purifier and effectively clears blemishes, addresses scars and hyperpigmentation. Elderflower is recognized for its ability to soften the skin, to even the skin's tone, combat age spots and calm irritated rashes and skin conditions. Studies conducted by Maryland Medical Center have proven Elderflower Oil counteracts toxins before cellular damage occurs. Further research shows that Elderflowers' high levels of Vitamins A, B, C and E promotes circulation and increased blood flow to our skin.

Botanical Body Oil

You will find Elderflower Botanical Solar Oil in our Botanical Body Oil used directly after a shower on damp skin. This lush, fast absorbing body oil blend contains 9 botanical infused oils that address chronic skin issues, offer deep hydration and combats moisture loss for 24 hours. The scrumptious aroma of Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense is a dreamy spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Skip the water-based lotions that evaporate and take your skin's natural oils with it and enjoy glowing, nourished skin with our Botanical Body Oil at an amazing price point! Our ultra-concentrated formula is available in a gorgeous 8 Ounce Frosted Glass Bottle with a pump or a BPA-free Flip Top Bottle, both manufactured in the United States.

Botanical Face Butter

Our Botanical Face Butter contains Elderflowers and EIGHT other nourishing botanicals for your entire face including your eye area, neck and chest. This beautiful triple whipped formula is free of water and lasts much longer than a liquid filled face cream. If you struggle with dull, dry and sensitive skin our Botanical Face Butter is a must in your skin care routine, day or night. It is loaded with Super Fruits and Freshwater Pearl for a brighter skin tone with a lasting glow. Even those with combination, oily and acne prone skin love our Botanical Face Butter as a night moisturizer because it's not greasy and balances their skin as they get their beauty rest without any breakouts or clogged pores!

Organic "Sweet Relief" Burn Serum

Our Organic "Sweet Relief" Burn Serum contains Elderflowers perfect for soothing any type of burn. This serum was created for my husband's skin during 33 radiation treatments while battling cancer of the tonsils. Please see this blog with photos on the amazing results for his skin. All of these wonderful products with Elderflowers are available at SweetLifeSpa.com

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