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As a member of the mint family, Lemon Balm, commonly known as Melissa or its genus name Melissa officinalis, has been used since the times of ancient Greeks and Romans. The name Melissa means honey bees in Greek and it acquired its name because they are attracted to this lovely herb in the wild. Lemon Balm has been used as a tonic for calming the nerves, In addition to its exceptional skin care benefits, it provides a feeling of relaxation, encourages a restful night of sleep and brings feelings of a more positive mood. It also is a great herb for boosting alertness, your memory and to enhance problem solving skills. It is known to protect the cells of the brain, support the production of two strong antioxidants in the liver, ease stomach ailments and regulate blood sugar levels.

Lemon Balm is used to treat various conditions of the skin, including Herpes, so you will find it in cold sore treatments. Its benefits for the skin and body are amazing since Lemon Balm is a strong anti-inflammatory with antibacterial agents. It soothes, cleanses and tightens the skin, is excellent for acne and other problematic skin conditions and fights fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating circulation without irritation. Research has shown it fights UV damage with Caffeic and Ferulic Acids that penetrate all of 3 layers of our skin. Lemon Balm contains a high level of antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins, Eugenol and antiviral agents. It originally became famous in the 14th century. The Queen of Hungary, reportedly used it to erase years of wrinkles from her face. It became all the rage back then and we are all about getting back to the wonders of the earth, from days gone by, for balanced skin care. You will reap the benefits of Lemon Balm in our Botanical Face Butter crafted with Certified Organic Mango Butter as its number one ingredient for ultimate protection for your delicate facial tissue.

Botanical Face Butter

Botanical Face Butter | Sweet Life Spa

At Sweet Life Spa, our artisans specialize in handcrafting botanical infused oils using the same techniques that have been applied, for thousands of years, in apothecaries around the world. You will find our Apothecary Botanical Solar Oils in the majority of our spa skincare products. We currently infuse 39 different edible flowers, roots, herbs and teas in Organic oils for an incredible line of Botanical Spa Skin Care that only nature can provide.

You will find Certified Organic Wild Harvested Lemon Balm Solar Oil in the in the addicting scent of Green Tea & Ylang-ylang in our sunflower shaped Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar. This concentrated body butter bar is crafted without liquids for maximum potency without evaporation. Many of its ingredients are also in our Green Tea & Ylang-ylang Face Serum because we believe your entire body deserves the same antioxidant packed treatment as your face. These bars are exclusive to Sweet Life Spa, so you won't find anything quite like them elsewhere.

Green Tea & Ylang-ylang "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar

Our Modern Apothecary Botanical Body Oil contains our Lemon Balm Solar Oil as well. It is in the luscious scent of "Creamsicles At The Beach" with Organic Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense Essential Oils. This beautiful formula is perfect for after a shower on damp skin and provides 24 hours of super soft skin. Our customers are raving about this product on our website!

Botanical Body Oil

We have much more to come in our face and body line with Lemon Balm in the months ahead because we love it so much! For information on any of our Organic and Wild Harvested products with Botanical Solar Oils such as Damascus Rose, Hibiscus, Green Tea, Rosehip, Calendula, Licorice Root, Chamomile, German Arnica Montana, Peppermint Leaf and others visit 

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