Papaya Seed Oil For Skin & Hair

Deemed as the "Fruit of the Angels" by Christopher Columbus, the papaya is used in a number of forms - dried, ripe and even unripe. Originally from Mexico, the papaya is now cultivated in many tropical regions of the world. Being dense in fiber, papaya fruit and juice taken internally is known to improve digestion, boost immunity and eye, heart and joint health.

Every part of this tropical fruit, including the leaves, is beneficial for our skin for a botanical spa experience. The nutritious edible seeds of the papaya are cold pressed and unrefined creating an exceptional oil. It is excellent for rejuvenating the skin, reducing acne scars and all over skin brightening with high levels of Vitamin C. Organic Papaya Seed Oil is quite rich in Vitamins A & E, Minerals, Pantothenic, Alpha Hydroxy and Essential Fatty Acids. It is prized in the skincare industry for its significantly high content of Papain, a natural exfoliating enzyme that some claim is as effective as Retin-A that:

  • Dissolves excess sebum and unclogs hardened bacteria blocked pores
  • Purifies, sloughs dead skin cells and discourages acne
  • Promotes wound recovery with antimicrobial activity that kills bacteria 
  • Provides a natural glow, brightens the tone and softens the texture of skin
  • Reduces scars, redness and blotchy skin
  • Inhibits the production of the bacteria and the enzyme, tyrosinase, the main culprit behind the over-production of melanin and the eventual appearance of dark spots

Unlike chemical exfoliation, Papaya Seed Oil will not irritate your skin. Even though Super Fruit Papaya Seed Oil includes the benefits listed above, it also is an effective moisturizer, that contains a significant amount of Vitamin C that:

  • Regenerates skin cells from UV damage
  • Combats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Addresses the appearance of large pores  
  • Helps relieve itchy, dry, flaky skin with anti-inflammatory agents
  • Brings relief for scaly and irritated skin conditions and sunburn with a radiant finish to the skin                                                    

For hair care it adds a silky sheen, relieves itching of the scalp, may stop hair loss with Folic Acid that improves circulation to hair follicles and retains moisture for strand elasticity and mending split ends. Our Petal Body Oil is perfect for glowing skin and can be used as a frizz and split end taming leave-in conditioner or scalp treatment just before shampooing. This Hawaiian spa scented body oil deeply penetrates into your skin for 24 hours of silky moisture that is not greasy at all. The Papaya, Guava, Passionflower, Rose and Hibiscus aroma is from organic plants, not synthetics. We are now offering this beauty in 2 bottle styles and sizes due to its popularity.

Petal Body Oil

You will find Organic Papaya Seed Oil in our Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Serum for Combination, Oily and Acne Prone Skin and our Papaya Leaf and Seed Infused Solar Oil in our "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar. Our serum is formulated to absorb quickly and deeply into your skin as it cleanses pores, balances excessive oil production and moisturizes without a greasy feeling on your skin. The solid butter bar is fantastic for extremely dry and chaffed skin and especially beneficial for your hands, feet and cracked elbows.

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang " Sweet Face" Serum

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang Face And Body Gift Set

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