Benefits Of Witch Hazel For Our Skin

Witch Hazel has been used for centuries both internally and externally. The plant based elixir has been used primarily as a skin soother that is gentle enough for baby care and sensitive skin, yet effective enough for combating cellular damage. Witch Hazel is an extract or hydrosol created from the Witch Hazel Shrub. The bark, twigs, foliage and flowers are used to extract its active ingredients. It was used for ages by Native Americans for swelling, wounds and fighting infections. Internally it is used as a syrup for stomach ailments, colds and the flu.

Always pay close attention to the label when purchasing Witch Hazel. Many formulas in the marketplace are formulated with dehydrating alcohol and cheap fillers. These unnecessary additives are known to cause irritation and dry patches. When our skin is dry or irritated, our sebaceous glands go into overdrive producing an excess of sebum to self protect. Unfortunately, this type of sebum is waxy in nature and capable of trapping makeup, dead skin cells and debris within our pores often resulting in blackheads and blemishes. At Sweet Life Spa, we only use USA Grown Organic Alcohol-free Witch Hazel, which is loaded with antibacterial agents, tannins and polyphenols.

Organic Witch Hazel has a long history in the skincare industry for a variety of uses including:

  • An astringent for acne prone, oily, dry and UV damaged skin 
  • Cleanses congested pores, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and regulates the production of sebum; especially beneficial for oily skin types.
  • Known to reduce stretch marks, varicose veins and redness
  • Soothing a dry scalp, reducing dandruff and frizz; used before shampooing your hair
  • As a underarm deodorizer for those with sensitive skin or who sweat excessively
  • Soothes the itch associated with Chicken Pox, Poison Ivy, Eczema, Dermatitis, rashes and insect bites
  • Helps take the sting out of a sunburn, razor burn and ingrown hairs

At Sweet Life Spa, we incorporate Organic USA Alcohol-free Witch Hazel in our "Sweet Face" Rosewater Mist. Our blend of edible Rosewater, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Witch Hazel, True Colloidal Silver and Organic Brazilian Acai Berry Oil soothes and protects as it balances your skin's pH levels, redness and pore appearance. This refreshing spray is perfect for any skin type after washing your face with our "Sweet Face" Wash or anytime of the day or night you need a rose garden pick-me-up.

"Sweet Face" Rosewater Mist

To view our inventory of 100% Pure, Non-toxic and Organic Spa Face Products, check out our Organic "Sweet Face" Collection. You will find our deep layer moisturizing face and eye serums, clay and aloe face washes, our Botanical Face Butter, tropical masks and "Sweet Cream" of Coconut makeup remover. There will be much more to come in this gentle and effective line, including our men's skincare products with ingredients only from the earth.

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