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Body oils are taking over the skincare market as the perfect way to moisturize any skin type from Sensitive, Combination, Normal or Mature to Dry or Oily. The concept of using oils on the skin is nothing new. Plant-based oils have been used for ages to cleanse, nourish and repair. We are so thankful oils have made a big "come back" on the skincare scene since they are the foundation for our brand. The Organic and Wild Harvested Oils in our spa line are cold pressed from nuts, seeds and whole fruits that are loaded with skin craving vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. These age defying ingredients are extremely nourishing and regenerating for our skin. Read further to discover if you need to incorporate a body oil in your skincare routine.

How A Body Oil Works

The beauty of a body oil is that it will deeply penetrate into your skin's dermal layer or second layer of skin without congesting your pores, as long as they are high quality and properly formulated. This layer of your skin is where you want to focus your attention to rectify sagging, wrinkles, scars, flakes, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, irritation, sunburns, blemishes and redness. A tiny amount on warm, damp skin delivers long lasting, silky moisture with age defying properties, on a cellular level. The molecule of an oil is much smaller than that of a nut or seed butter, so they will effectively absorb beneath the skin's surface. Oils are not thick or greasy on your skin, like many body butters can be when not made correctly. Body oils soak in quickly and balance the required lipid range of your skin.

Body Oils Have Numerous Uses Making Them Economical

Those with Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea find deep soothing relief with our Botanical Body Oil due to its high concentration of antibacterial-rich herbs and emollients that have been used for healing the skin for generations. Body oils are multi-purpose and economical and since they are concentrated they last longer than most other moisturizers. They are fantastic for a relaxing massage and spa gift for the new mom or couple. Just a pump or two under running water creates a fragrant spa experience in your bathtub at home.

If they contain ceramides, like all of our body oils do, a few drops also serves as a frizz taming, strand smoothing leave-in conditioner in your hair. We highly recommend our Petal Body Oil for dry hair with its tropical spa aroma. Our "Sweet Relief" Burn Serum can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment for both dandruff and excessively oily scalp conditions with vast amounts of Nettle, which is often used to promote hair growth. 

How Body Oils Different From Lotions

If you are frustrated with lotions (and creams) because they give you little relief of dry skin, a body oil is exactly what you need in your skin care regime. Here's why - lotions are crafted with up to 90% water that evaporates and can take your natural oils with it, especially in arid climates and harsh temperatures. This is why we hear our customers say they have to reapply lotions constantly and still have dehydrated skin or that their skin feels even drier after using a lotion. We say, "why pay for water when you can simply add a fully concentrated body oil to your warm, damp skin right after a shower?". Applying a body oil directly after a shower locks hydration and moisture in deeper than any water laden lotion or cream ever could while saving you money. Again, used properly, body oils are not greasy in the slightest, and are very long lasting giving you months of smooth, soft skin any time of the year!

By now, you may be wondering what we recommend for face care? We offer oil-based Face Serums, Face Washes, a Botanical Face Butter and our hydrating Rosewater Mist, all of which are all made without water and cheap fillers, in our Organic Face Care Collection. There is a solution from nature that is specifically designed for your unique skin type in our collection! Each product is very gentle for your delicate facial tissue, which is quite different than the skin on the rest of your body. 

What Makes Our Body Oils Unique?

At Sweet Life Spa, we do not add water to any of our high quality skin care. Every ingredient in our products is there entirely for the benefit of your skin. We have conducted thousands of hours of research developing our brand creating balanced skincare that focuses fully on benefiting each specific area of the body. We test on humans of all ages, not animals before any item goes into our shop. Absolutely nothing in our line is imported from China, including our bottles ensuring product purity. We specialize in creating Botanical Infused Solar Oils in the same technique utilized in apothecaries around the globe for thousands of years. These are made entirely from Organic and Wild Harvested Herbs, Flower Petals, Roots and Teas with a potent level of antioxidants and vitamins. We never add synthetics, mineral oil, petroleum, soy, artificial preservatives, dyes or cheap fillers of any kind. Our motto is "if it's not found in nature, your body doesn't need it!

We Offer Four Body Oils In Our Line

We currently offer two luscious multi-use body oils, an Arnica Massage Oil for pain relief and a "Sweet Relief" Burn Serum. Our body oils have a dreamy aroma from a small amount of Organic Essential Oils, Certified Organic Fragrances and the luxurious ingredients they are made from. We do not use artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, Butylene Glycol or PEGs and every ingredient is plant-based.

Botanical Body Oil

This lightweight body oil contains potent antibacterial and skin rejuvenating agents with Calendula, Elderflowers, Papaya Leaf, Lemon Balm, Sarsaparilla, Marshmallow Root and Rooibos Tea. It sells out at every outdoor market we are vendors at throughout the year. It's "Creamsicles at the Beach" scent is light and airy with Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense that both men and women fall in love with! It is made with Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Tamanu, Hazelnut and Avocado Oils that soothe and deeply moisturize without an oily feeling. It transforms the moisture level of your skin by locking hydration in for 24 hours strengthening your skin's defenses. It is also available is a BPA-free, recycled bottle for those who prefer not having glass by the shower.

Petal Body Oil

If you love tropical spas as much as we do, you will adore our Petal Body Oil for a Super Fruit Glow. It is crafted with luxurious Pineapple, Guava, Coconut, Baobab, Whole Fruit Rosehips, Damask Roses and Hibiscus for gently exfoliated, smooth skin with a radiant finish. Soothing Oats, Chamomile, Marshmallow Root and Meadowfoam Oils soak deeply into parched skin for a brighter appearance and increased elasticity. Its island aroma is from Jasmine, Ylang-ylang and Hibiscus Petals and Pineapple and Guava. Due to its popularity, we now offer our Petal Body Oil in two bottle sizes and styles and both are manufactured in the USA! We also offer a gift set with our Petal Body Oil, Petal 5 Minute Facial and Petal Solid Organic Perfume at a discount with our Flower Power Glow Set.

Arnica Massage Oil

If you are one of millions of people who struggle with chronic pain, like myself, you will love our "Sweet Relief" Arnica Massage Oil. Arnica is regularly used by professional athletes and massage therapists and is approved by the German Commission E. We infuse the finest German Arnica Montana Flowers, a member of the Daisy family, with numerous other herbs that have been used for pain worldwide. We include St. John's Wort, Burdock Root, Strawberry Leaf, Nettle and Helichrysum in our fast acting, relaxing oil. Those with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Myofacial Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Restless Leg Syndrome and Migraines find it to be a necessity in their medicine cupboard. It is rich in anti-aging ingredients and has a uplifting citrus and meadow scent. Our customers report that they have used it for spot treatment dozens of times and still have half a bottle left. We aren't kidding when we say body oils are super concentrated and economical!

"Sweet Relief" Burn Serum

Our "Sweet Relief" Burn Serum was created for my husband as he underwent 33 radiation treatments for cancer of the tonsils. I am proud to say that he had an amazing amount of relief, never got extreme burns or black skin and has no scars. Our serum is loaded with burn relieving Infused Oils, USA Grown Olive Squalane and Aloe Vera for fast absorption to get you out the door in the morning. Our testers have used it for sunburns when they forgot the SPF without any peeling and it gave them a lot of pain relief as well! It is in our "Lemon Drop" scent of Litsea Cubeba, Frankincense and Rosewood with a twist of Sweet Orange.

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