Botanical Face Butter

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Botanical Face Butter for all skin types, including sensitive! It is a water-free, triple whipped and non-greasy blend of Certified Organic Mango Butter, our in-house made Apothecary Infused Botanical Solar Oils, Super Fruits and Freshwater Pearl. Most face lotions and creams are made with up to 90% water. Water evaporates and as it does it takes your skin's natural protective oils with it. Our Botanical Face Butter is not made with liquids, it is 100% made up of potent moisturizers, complex actives and antibacterial agents that work together on a cellular level. So, we say "quit paying for water and apply our concentrated skincare on damp skin to lock in hydration". You save a lot of money and get long lasting, age defying benefits you won't find with a water-filled product. Additionally, if you want a quick dose of antioxidants, balanced pH levels, reduced redness and minimized pores, our Rosewater Mist is a must have before our Botanical Face Butter and Serums. It also draws our moisturizing products in deeper and faster!

Our dreamy, souffle-like butter is not at all greasy, will not congest your pores and offers deep level moisture for glowing skin that is silky smooth and soft. If you like orange creamsicles, you will love the light and sweet fragrance of Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense with a touch of Coconut. This scent matches our Botanical Body Oil that is receiving rave reviews. 

We have expertly handcrafted our Botanical Face Butter with safe enough to eat ingredients that tackle fine lines, wrinkles, UV damage, scars, post inflammatory marks, eczema, rosacea, sunburns and irritation. Those with Normal, Dry, Sensitive and Mature skin love it for day and night alone or after our Rose Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Serum, Face Wash and Rosewater Mist. Our testers with Combination, Oily and Acne Prone skin, use it as a lipid barrier protecting night creme. Since it's water-free, you receive ultra-concentrated nutrients that stay on your skin and do not evaporate like liquid-filled formulas. You can expect at least 4 months of applications and an amazing value at just 35 cents a day for an eye, face and neck moisturizer! 


For radiant skin for your body, our Botanical Body Oil locks in moisture for 24 hours after a shower on damp skin. It too is an incredible value as body oils in stores and online run between $20-35 and ounce. Sweet Life Spa's is 8 ounces for less than $50 in 2 bottle styles. These have been a top selling item at all of the outdoor events we were vendors at this spring and fall. Just about everyone who sampled it walked away with a bottle - it's simply that good!

You will find numerous spa products for your entire body, including Face Masks, Washes and Serums, Physical Mineral Sunscreens, a Strawberry Slush Scrub, Eye Makeup Melting "Sweet Cream" of Coconut, a Nail Serum, Marine Spa Soak, Arnica Massage Oil, Tooth Powders and Charcoal. Stain Removing Tooth Powders at

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