Dragon Fruit Skin Care

Dragon Fruit are said to originate from South America and were brought to Vietnam by the French with records showing the mysterious fruit dating back to the 13th century. Today the kiwi and pear flavored fruit is distributed from South Florida, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Malaysia, Mexico and throughout South and Central America. Also referred to as Pitaya and Dragon Pearl Fruit, the exotic fruit from cactus is loaded with antioxidants, large amounts of vitamins and phosphorus that are extremely beneficial for the health of our skin and hair when consumed or applied externally. 

Free Radical Destroyer

Being rich in antioxidants, Dragon Fruit fight free radicals responsible for early aging, tighten sagging skin, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and recharge a lack luster complexion. Collagen is found within the fruit which improves the elasticity of our skin making it look firmer. With Super Fruits used in Sweet Life Spa's Skincare, you will see there is no reason to turn to synthetics or lab produced ingredients when nature has everything we need to stay youthful looking. You will find Dragon Fruit in Sweet Life Spa's Marine Moisture Serum with Astaxanthin for extensive skin renewal.

Acne Eliminating

Being so rich in Vitamin C, even more than a carrot, Dragon Fruit are beneficial for clearing acne, regulating excessive sebum production and minimizing dark, post acne marks. It is a deeply nourishing fruit that hydrates and balances the type of sebum our sebaceous glands produce making it a win-win for any skin type. When our skin is dehydrated or irritated, our glands will self protect by producing a waxier than normal type of sebum that can trap dirt, bacteria and oxidized buildup within our pores. The result is breakouts, blackheads and a non-stop cycle of greasy looking and feeling skin.

Sunburn Soother

One of the tropical fruit's best features is that it's bursting with Vitamin E, proteins and skin repairing enzymes. With these additions it eases burns and redness while helping eliminate the occurrence of blisters and peeling. It's dense in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids that soothe and protect parched skin from harsh UV rays. In addition to Dragon Fruit, Astaxanthin is scientifically proven to be the world's most potent antioxidant for reversing and protecting against UV damage.

Just 2-3 drops of our Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex are needed to renew the texture of dry and flaky patches of skin related to Eczema and Peri-nasal Dermatitis. Astaxanthin is a microalgae that is clinically proven to reverse and protect against the damage of UV rays. We include deep level moisturizing Seaweed, Kelp, Chia Seed, Meadowfoam, Marshmallow Root and Calendula in our serum as well as Dragon Fruit. The beauty of serums is they absorb into the dermis or second layer of our skin. This is where you want to focus your attention to correct common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkle depth and scars leaving your skin glowing and youthful. Our serum is priced well compared to other marine moisturizers on the market and contains no synthetics or cheap fillers. It has an Organic Tangerine, Vanilla and Frankincense aroma that is crisp and energizing.

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex

Just in time for the holidays, our Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter is loaded with Super Fruits such as Maqui and Camu Camu Berry, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Barbary Fig, Grapeseed and Mango Butter. This light and fluffy butter does not leave a greasy feeling on your skin and protects with Raw Kelp, Marshmallow Root and Oats. We sold out of our Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter at the last event we were vendors at!

Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter

There will be a number of new skincare products containing Dragon Fruit in our upcoming men's line in 2019. Visit SweetLifeSpa.com for a link to signup for new product launches and other news.


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