Frizzy Hair? Organic Solutions!

I don't understand the protein/moisture balance, But I have heard that when hair has a poofy frizzy texture it’s mostly because it need moisture that way it look more dense and disciplined. is this true?

Yes, it is true that frizzy hair needs a balance of moisture and protein. Frizzy hair is caused by a raised cuticle that swells as moisture passes through it. Frizz is caused by medications, not drinking enough water, a poor diet, bleaching treatments, drying shampoos, not deep conditioning weekly, your hair's PH levels are off and there's not a balance of moisture and protein.

Curly-haired gals, such as myself, can attest to stepping out on a rainy day after using a straightening tool and poof - frizzed out poodle! So it's more about just moisture and where moisture comes from, such as Organic oils and butters.

Organic Sunflower Oil (seals the cuticle), Virgin Coconut Oil (resists protein loss) and Avocado Oil (penetrates the shaft). Fair Trade Organic Shea, Mango Butter and Coconut Oil are excellent for deep conditioning hair masks. We recommend our Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter as a dual purpose hair and body butter. Hot oil treatments, an after shampoo conditioner with wheat protein and even an egg mask are good options. A bit of watered down protein-rich conditioner can be used as a leave-in product. It is best to choose organic solutions.

What to avoid? Hair products that contain silicone that coats and creates build up, unnecessary synthetics, drying alcohols and sulfates.

The use of a good body oil containing oils listed above is most beneficial as a heat protector against styling tools. I use a few drops of our Petal Body Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as smoothing serums in my hair. Sweet Life Spa’s “Sweet Cream” of Coconut is perfect for daily dry end softening, as a hydrating face mask and makeup and mascara melting goodness. It's from a private coconut grove in the South Pacific Islands and from fresh coconut, not dried copra without hexane and bleaching agents. It has the benefit of the incredible scent of the sweet cream of coconut (hence the name) used in Pina Coladas. It is so concentrated that just 1/16 teaspoon is needed per use, providing 200-300 applications per 4 ounce jar at $16!

Organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut 

Petal Body Oil 

Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter 

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