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At Sweet Life Spa, German Arnica Montana is one of our most prized apothecary infusions. Arnica Montana is also known as Wolf's Bane, a wildflower with external qualities that have been well documented historically in Europe and North America. European herbalists concocted pain relieving remedies with Arnica and American Indians made tinctures and an ointment from of Arnica. Helenalin is the main restorative compound in Arnica Montana along with flavonoids that that soothe and renew the skin after stress and injury. Arnica's antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties may be beneficial to those with chronic skin conditions. It stimulates granular tissues and accelerates the healing process of bruises, minor burns, sunburn and abrasions. German Arnica Montana is exceptional at reducing muscular, joint and deep tissue stiffness, sprains and swelling. 

Organic "Sweet Relief" Arnica Massage Oil

At Sweet Life Spa, we currently craft 39 Organic Botanical Solar Oils for our Spa & Apothecary Skincare. This process requires time and patience, but the results are worth it. We infuse the highest quality Arnica Montana that is wild harvested In Germany. Some cosmetic and skincare companies use Arnica in their products, but it is generally from Mexico and quite deficient in its benefits to the skin. Sweet Life Spa only infuses the highest quality German Arnica Montana in the technique employed for thousands of years in apothecaries around the globe. German Arnica is exceptional for under eye puffiness and for tired, achy feet. You will find Sweet Life Spa's Organic German Arnica Montana Solar Oil in the following products that address swelling and inflammation:

Organic "Sweet Relief" Burn Serum

Organic Mojito "Sweet Feet" Butter

Organic Damascus Rose Green Tea "Sweet Eyes" Serum

Keep an eye on for even more upcoming products for inflammation and natural pain relief. We recently added our Marine Spa Soak that pairs perfectly with our Mojito Foot Butter and Arnica Massage Oil for relaxing relief in a foot bath or full bath tub spa escape. It's loaded with muscle and skin soothing sea mineral such as Pink Himalayan and Red Hawaiian Sea Salts, Clay, Organic Alaria Sea Kelp, Marshmallow Root, Oats and Coconut Milk.

Marine Spa Soak (Rose Hibiscus)



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