How To Get Soft And Supple Skin Q&A

Q: Why is your skin so soft and supple?

A: Soft and supple skin is best achieved by eliminating harsh synthetics and alcohol from your skincare routine. Our philosophy at Sweet Life Spa is “if it’s not from nature, your skin doesn’t need it”. Choose Organic antioxidant-rich nut and seed oils and botanical infusions that are organic instead. A properly formulated product will be without cheap fillers, water and ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

Sweet Life Spa’s products are made with 100% Pure, Non-toxic and Organic ingredients that are also edible. We offer hand, nail, feet, face, body and sun products that feed your skin. Our “Sweet Face” Collection is crafted for every skin type, concern and age. Our Rose & Hibiscus anti-aging Serums, Washes, Masks, "Sweet Cream" of Coconut Makeup Remover and Rosewater Mist provide glowing skin and long lasting hydration. You can find these luxurious products in our "Sweet Face" Collection. Don't miss our Botanical Face Butter without water that evaporates and takes your natural oils with it.

Botanical Face Butter

We offer, by the request of our customers, our “Sweet Cream” of Coconut that is not deodorized, so it smells exactly like the sweet cream of coconut used in Pina Coladas served on the beach at high-end resorts, hence the name. This is the best and most pure, 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil we have found worldwide. It is cold pressed within 2 hours of harvest, so it is not from dried coconut like most coconut oils are. It is free of hexane and bleaching agents. It is an amazing makeup remover that tackles waterproof mascara, makes a fatty acid-rich wrinkle and dry skin fighting day cream or night mask and is excellent for deep conditioning your hair. There is a huge difference in the quality of coconut oils on the market and what it can do for your skin. I had a dry and flaky skin issue and no longer have it due to this Virgin Coconut Oil. 

"Sweet Cream" of Coconut

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