How To Keep Your Lips From Cracking On A Plane? Q&A

Every time I go on a plane, I get cracked lips. How do I prevent it?

High altitudes cause our skin to dehydrate. Our lips actually have no oil glands and they tend to chap easily. Make sure to exfoliate your lips before you travel with a high quality lip scrub that allows your lips to accept the conditioning they need. Use an Organic lip balm that does not contain drying synthetics or menthols. Drink extra water before and while in flight.

Sweet Life Spa’s “Sweet Lips” Balms and Scrubs are an excellent cracked lips solution. They are crafted with Organic Mango, Cacao & Shea Butters, tropical oils, aloe and honey and antioxidants that work like nothing else I have tried for dry, peeling and cracked lips. You can get a balm and scrub for less than $20. I created this line due to the fact that a $30 lip gloss gave me a horrible reaction that left my lips cracked and in pain. These are more than just a lip balm that may offer short term moisture. Our buttery balms are ultra-concentrated with anti-aging Super Fruit Oils. Just a dab is needed for hours of penetrating deep level lipids protection from the harshest of elements.

Since both are in sizes that are travel friendly, you can take them with you to use before and after your flight. The best part is they are flavored with 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients. There are 4 flavors to choose from like Banana Frappe, Strawberry Slush, Vanilla Latte and Pina Colada. Our "Sweet Lips" Scrubs are in the flavors of Banana Frappe and Vanilla Latte. Can't decide on a flavor or want to give them out as stocking stuffers or teachers gifts? Choose our Organic "Sweet Lips" Gift Set with one balm in each decadent flavor. -


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