How To Properly Exfoliate For Radiant Skin

There are numerous benefits of regular exfoliation including smooth, more radiant skin, increased elasticity and a strengthened skin barrier. To clear up some common misconceptions about exfoliation, we have compiled a list to assist you with choosing the proper ingredients and techniques for the health of your skin. As we age, the rate of cell turnover decreases, leaving a dull complexion, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Since it takes 40-60 days for old, flaky cells to regenerate, our production of collagen is drastically affected. Collagen is a protein crucial for the elasticity and firmness of our skin. Unfortunately, our skin also thins as we age, so strengthening with botanical ingredients that are gentle, moisturizing and non-abrasive is extremely important.  

Here's a list of do's and don'ts to increase the natural glow of your skin we have accumulated through advanced research:

  1. Avoid sugar, salt, fruit pit and nut kernel scrubs in your skincare regime. They are much too harsh for delicate facial tissue and can cause micro-tears and spread bacteria of a breakout to clear pores. Harsh scrubs may actually be causing blemishes and throwing off your natural skin barrier that is designed to keep toxins out and moisture in. Finely ground sugar and sea salt are beneficial for other parts of the body, where our skin is much tougher. It is very important to read ingredient lists. For instance, the top selling apricot scrub in drug stores contains no apricots at all.
  2. Exfoliating tools such as loofahs and spin brushes can lead to over-exfoliation, especially if used on a daily basis. These types of manual exfoliation often result in flakes and irritation that can cause our sebaceous glands to over-produce to rectify stripping our skin of its natural oils and hydration.
  3. Avoid highly acidic fruit juices, such as lemon juice, that can cause surface burns and increase sun sensitivity, for up to a week after use, often resulting in severe sunburns and deep level damage. There are much safer means of achieving a radiant glow with gentle super fruits and alpha hydroxy acids in flower petals, such as hibiscus, that are mild and effective.
  4. Used in the finest spas around the world, sun-dried clay draws impurities to the surface of our skin to be rinsed away. Gently sloughing away dirt, flaky cells, bacteria and oxidized hardened buildup with finely milled clay eliminates roughness, dullness and drastically decreases the appearance of enlarged pores while softening fine lines and wrinkles. It is important to research any clay in your skin care routine since some are only for extremely oily skin and can be too drying for dry, mature and sensitive skin types.
  5. Don't overdo it! A detoxifying face mask should only be used once or twice a week. Additionally, there is no reason to leave a clay-based face mask on for more than 10 minutes. Within 5 minutes the clay has drawn out impurities and deposited the minerals and vitamins of the mask into your skin. Exceeding 10 minutes can disturb your skin's lipid barrier and increase oiliness. A simple Bentonite Clay mask should be removed, with warm water, not hot, when the clay starts to lighten in color around the edges. This type of clay is powerful enough to draw out the poison of a toxic spider bite. It is what I used to save my husband's hand when he was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. This is the reason we add Bentonite Clay to our deep detoxifying Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Wash for Combination, Oily and Acne Prone Skin. All of our cleansers, washes and masks are formulated with moisturizing botanicals and humectants to avoid dehydrating our skin. 
  6. Harsh and rigorous scrubbing is completely unnecessary. Gentle upward circular motions on damp skin is the proper way to buff your skin with non-abrasive ingredients. Masks and Cleansing Grains can be used on different days of the week, not to exceed 3 times a week. 
  7. Avoid combining active ingredients, such as Vitamin C or Retinol Serums on the same day you use a mask or face buff containing other actives. Less is more in this case to avoid irritation and over-active sebaceous glands.  
  8. Exfoliation super charges your skin. It is in its optimal state for accepting the nutrients and moisturizing ingredients of a Rosewater Mist, Botanical Oil-based Face Serum and Butter. Properly buffing away old cells also helps your cleanser to be more effective during the rest of the week while clarifying and minimizing the appearance of large pores.

A gentle blend of moisturizing botanicals that have been triple milled is the optimal way to exfoliate. Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Lauric Acids and Super Fruit Enzymes are a safe means of exfoliation when used properly. Don't let the word "acid" scare you. Even ultra-sensitive skin benefits from acids in Yogurt, Whipping Cream, Roses, Hibiscus, Honey, Bananas and Coconut Milk without redness and irritation. Lactic Acid in particular stimulates ceramide production and eliminates flaky cells, dryness, softens wrinkles, increases cell renewal, collagen and elasticity and is very soothing on the skin.

Sweet Life Spa highly recommends the following products for gentle exfoliation provided by nature. Our BANANA SMOOTHIE Cleansing Grains, Buff & Mask is crafted with Certified Organic Banana Fruit and Flour, Oats, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow, Whipping Cream, Yogurt and Vanilla Bean. Plantain, Yarrow and USA and Moroccan Clay are utilized in the finest spas around the globe for detoxification.

BANANA SMOOTHIE Cleansing Grains, Buff & Mask

Our Petal 5 Minute Facial clarifies pores and renews texture with Pineapple Enzymes, Damascus Roses, Hibiscus, Calendula and Chamomile Petals, French Pink and Kaolin Clay, Marshmallow Root, Coconut Milk, Yogurt and Oats for a luminescent glow.

Petal 5 Minute Facial

Also available as at a "Sweet Discount" is our Flower Power Facial Gift & Travel Set for numerous facials at home with the addition of our Rosewater Mist and Damascus Rose & Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Serum. our Rosewater Mist hydrates and balances the pH of our skin with redness reducing Roses, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. Our Damascus Rose & Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Serum is very helpful in restoring lipid barrier function with Olive Squalane, Tea Infused Oils and Super Fruits. These concentrated, non-toxic ingredients lock pathogens out and moisture in and provide months of applications.

Flower Power Facial Gift And Travel Set 


Replenish and protect the moisture barrier of your skin after exfoliating with our Botanical Face Butter. Our water-free formula is crafted with Certified Organic Mango Butter, Freshwater Pearl, Super Fruit Oils and our Botanical Solar Oils, Experience deep level hydration without the synthetics commonly found in the marketplace. Our Botanical Face Butter is designed to be layered over our serums as a means of preventing moisture loss or can be used alone day or night depending on your skin care goals.

Botanical Face Butter

For extremely dry, mature and UV damaged skin, our Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex is a must have in your skincare routine this winter. Designed for reducing hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles it brightens a dull complexion and moisturizes deeply eliminating flakes and rough patches. This texture renewing serum combines the world's most potent free radical scavenger Astaxanthin with moisture retaining Atlantic Alaria Kelp, Red Seaweed, Licorice Root, Dragon Fruit Oil and anti-aging Botanical Solar Oils for radiant, youthful looking skin.

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex

For allover glowing skin, visit for our Organic Body Care. Our customers are in love with our Botanical Body Oil and Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars in Vanilla Latte, Rose Hibiscus and Green Tea Ylang-ylang. Our next product will launch in September for glowing skin this winter. Our Botanical Face Serum with the antioxidant Microalgae Astaxanthin will be your best friend for dry, flaky skin! For new product launch notifications, please sign up for our newsletter.Here's a visual of our latest launch - our Strawberry Slush Scrub in a base of Organic Whipped Shea Butter with real Strawberries, USA Grown Cane Sugar, Pink Sea Salt and French Pink Clay.

Strawberry Slush Whipped Body Scrub

Soak in luxury and exfoliate gently with nourishing Sea Kelp, Coconut Milk, Oats and Marshmallow Root. It's loaded with AHAs and Minerals like Dairy Milk with Pink and Red Clay and Sea Salt and Roses and Hibiscus to firm, purify, smooth and detox your skin. This beautiful spa soak has it all and has an alluring aroma of Petals, Coconut and Vanilla Bean making it a great gift any one would love to receive!

Rose Hibiscus Marine Spa Soak

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