How To Take Care Of Dry & Cracked Feet? Q&A

A: It is always best to exfoliate your feet on a weekly basis to prep them to take in nutrients from a properly formulated Organic foot cream. The use of a foot file on dry patches after a shower, when your callouses are softened, is a good way to remove them. You can use a foot file before the use of a hydrating and exfoliating foot scrub designed for use in the shower for even softer, smoother feet.

Sweet Life Spa’s “Sweet Feet” Scrub and Butter are a petrochemical, silicone and paraben-free solution to cracked, aching and rough feet. Our formulas are crafted with the finest tropical, cold pressed and Organic, Wild Harvested oils and butters and contain no cheap fillers, so your feet receive optimal antioxidants and conditioning. With the addition of USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil, Lime and Peppermint Essential Oils and Sweet Life Spa’s Botanical Infused Solar Oils, your feet get the proper care they need.

Our silky "Sweet Feet” Butter has the added benefit of our German Arnica Montana Infusion and Raw Ivory Shea Butter to soothe aches and pains. Our scrub is loaded with minerals from Pink Himalayan Salt and Alpha Hydroxy Acids from USA grown 100% Organic Pure Cane Sugar. Organic Tamanu Oil fights off fungus and promotes cellular repair. These are in the scent of Mojito, the icy drink made popular in Cuba., and they smell fantastic!

Avoiding synthetics in your skincare can have a huge impact on the level of moisture in your skin. Drying alcohol, cheap fillers and synthetics will cause your feet to become cracked, irritated and open to bacteria and fungus.

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