Organic Jojoba Oil Skin Benefits

Jojoba Oil, pronounced HO-HO-BA, is actually a liquid ester wax that is cold pressed from the nut of an indigenous American shrub. It grows wild throughout the United States, primarily in the arid regions of the Southwest. The nut of the Jojoba Shrub has been used for centuries by Native American tribes for as an emergency survival food and as a conditioning paste in hair and skin care. High quality unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil can be procured from Israel, Peru and Argentina as well. 

Organic Golden Jojoba Nut Oil plays an important part in skin protection with complex B Vitamins that act as an intensive emollient that prevents irritation and scaly, rough patches caused by water loss on the upper dermal layers of our skin for a natural glow. Being close in composition to that of our natural sebum or skin's protective oils, it keeps our skin balanced by eliminating excess oil and the sticky build up caused by over-productive sebaceous glands. Organic Jojoba Oil does not leave behind a greasy feeling and keeps the lipid levels of our skin intact. It interlocks the cellular matrix of our skin providing strength for combating fine lines and wrinkles. It is well tolerated by every skin type, including sensitive skin, for every part of our body.

For hair care, Jojoba Oil is known to stop breakage and hair loss, unclogs hair follicles in Alopecia, eases dry scalp conditions, detangles and improves the texture of strands. Jojoba Oil creates a smooth surface while shaving and after shave oil that eliminates razor burn. As an all natural oil, it effectively removes makeup, bacteria and debris without any chemicals that can lead to skin allergies. Jojoba does not congest pores, accelerates wound healing and contains Iodine, which naturally combats the bacteria that lead to breakouts. As an anti-fungal it fights infection, warts, toe nail fungus and Athelete's Foot with anti-inflammatory properties that offer natural relief.

The highest quality cold pressed and unrefined USA Golden Organic Jojoba Oil can be found in a lot of Sweet Life Spa's Organic Face, Lip, Nail, Hand and Hair Care products. Simply click on the photos below to take you to each product's information. These are just a few of our Spa & Apothecary Products with Jojoba Oil. Please refer to for a complete listing by use of the search bar.

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