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Sometimes we forget about self care and sometimes it’s even harder to remember that we need it. Taking care of ourselves can be challenging when we are faced with responsibilities, pets, kids, spouses, jobs, bills and others, but we must always remember to take that break. Everyone needs to take that pause from everything to just be selfish and take care of YOU! What I love most about self care is that it can look like anything and generally looks different on everyone. Here I’m going to share with you my experience with one product that gave me an evening of self care!

I was over the moon when Sweet Life Spa messaged me one night saying they wanted me to try their product. I didn’t feel like I had a decent enough following or page to receive gifts, yet here I was! Fast forward to ripping open the package and seeing this beautiful tub of pink goodness made me realize I was in desperate need of some self care. So I followed their directions and used the cutest wooden spoon to scoop three scoops of this magic pink flowery soak called the Rose Hibiscus Marine Spa Soak into these adorable reusable tea bags and dunked them in some hot water! I immediately saw the pink froth up in the water and the aroma of roses, coconut and vanilla burst up at me and i was already instantly relaxed.

I hopped into the bath and felt so much tension leave my body. My anxiety over money, my stress about my task list at work, the piles of laundry.... they all vanished and my muscles weren't tight. This is self care. I’m a typical girl who loves a good warm bath and this soak truly elevated the experience! When I hopped out of the tub I couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt and happily rubbed a ton of lotion in to trap that soft feeling in.

This soak is a beautiful blend of oats, milk powder, hibiscus, Himalayan salts, clays, rose oil, vanilla bean and rose bud! It’s a total dream! This company uses only organic and cruelty free ingredients and is based out of Arizona.

Morale of my little story is that we need to remember to take breaks and be selfish! I am so happy I was reminded by this gift to just take a bath and let my anxiety float away. If you’re at all interested in this product or want to see what else this lovely spa has to offer, please go to! I think just the look of their products will urge you to purchase and have a pamper evening ;)

ps. I couldn’t resist opening the tea bags once in the bath to let the Rose buds float around in the tub! Made me feel like a princess!

Much love, xo

Rose Hibiscus Marine Spa Soak

Feel like a princess with our perfectly pink Rose Hibiscus Marine Spa Soak. It is crafted without synthetics or cheap fillers of any kind, just organic and earth obtained ingredients. This bath tub tea is loaded with Red Rose Petals, Pink Rose Buds and Hibiscus Petals for a skin glowing dose of Vitamin C. The set includes 3 USA Grown Virgin Cotton Drawstring Bags and a Hand-turned Wooden Scoop from the USA to keep your drain free from petals. The aroma will help you drift off to sleep with toasty Organic Vanilla Bean and Rose Geranium. This 12 ounce jar will provide at least 8 bath soaks or 16 foot tub soaks. It is available as a gift set with our 4 ounce Petal Body Oil as well in our Gift And Travel Sets

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