Organic Nail Serum

Our “Sweet Nails” Serum in Mimosa is formulated with 100% USDA Certified Organic Tamanu Oil and Citrus Essential Oils to help inhibit fungal growth and strengthen nails. We believe getting back to nature with ingredients from the earth without petrochemicals and silicones is the best alternative in skin care. If you are looking for a cuticle and nail serum to alleviate hangnails, dry and peeling cuticles and condition weak natural and salon enhances nails you can't go wrong this nourishing serum. At Sweet Life Spa, we pay top dollar for Organic Grapeseed and Hexane-free Fractionated Coconut Oils, grown in the United States, that quickly penetrate your nails with moisture. The Organic and Non-GMO Grapeseed Oil we use is obtained from a company of women business owners in the United States. It is not deodorized and smells like champagne – we love both points! Mimosa Champagne Cocktails originated in 1925 at The Hotel Ritz Paris and now grace brunch tables all over the world. The name of the cocktail was named for the color of the yellow flowers of the Mimosa Tree that grows commonly in Australia and the Mediterranean. 






Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin-C, Organic Pomegranate Oil rejuvenates aging skin and provides cell regeneration. Organic Jojoba Oil (a liquid wax) acts as a barrier sealing in the intensive moisture that Organic Fair Trade Sweet Almond and Avocado Oils also provide. We only use Non-GMO Vitamin-E derived from Wild-crafted Sunflowers as a soy-free antioxidant for wrinkles and fine lines. "Sweet Nails" Serum we added the convenience of a cobalt blue glass roller ball application. The cobalt glass bottle with a dropper is designed for nail salons to use on their clients avoiding cross contamination or is perfect for sharing with your family members. There is an additional teaspoon of “Sweet Nails” Serum in the dropper bottle providing 300 drops! We have found nothing more effective or of such high quality in the marketplace.


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