Non-nano Zinc Oxide And Water Resistant Sunscreen Benefits

A: As someone with very pale skin that burns easily, I find the best results in sunscreens to include broad spectrum Non-nano Zinc Oxide (NNZO) at an SPF of 30 up to 50 SPF. NNZO is a safer option to reflect UVA & UVB rays that are responsible of early aging, sunburns and skin cancer. It is unlike chemical formulas, that soak into your pores to block rays, which can be a concern for some people.

Organic formulas crafted with antioxidants, Raw Shea Butter and tropical nut and seed oils feed your skin with silky moisture and antioxidants. Certified Organic beeswax makes Sweet Life Spa’s “Sweet Sun” Screen SPF 30 water-resistant for 40 minutes and NNZO provides 2 hours of sunburn protection. It is safe for sensitive skin, babies, coral reef and marine life since it is made with biodegradable ingredients.

We do not make the claim that our sunscreen is waterproof due to FDA regulations. Companies that state that claim on their packaging must undergo FDA approved human testing in regards to waterproof products. The reason for the FDA’s decision on the this is because they didn’t want the consumer to misjudge the duration of sunscreens in regards to being waterproof for longer period of time than intended. It is best to reapply any sunscreen after rigorous swimming, toweling off or excessive sweating according to the directions on the product. On February 21, 2019, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a bill to ban all chemicals currently in popular sunscreens in the marketplace. Non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide minerals will be the only allowed ingredients in sunscreens if the bill goes through. Non-nano Zinc is commonly found in diaper rash and acne treatments and is fantastic for calming sensitive skin. With the current chemical sunscreen bans in Hawaii, Mexico and Florida, Non-nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreens are allowed in the oceans with coral reef formations.

Be sure to avoid the hours of 10–2 when the sun is at its peak, seek shade. wear protective sunglasses and a hat and stay hydrated. Visit for more details and our "Sweet Sun" Screen SPF 30 with 100% Certified Organic Fragrances in the fragrances of Banana Frappe, Vanilla Latte, Strawberry Slush, Pina Colada and Passion Punch. 

Organic Non-nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

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