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Are you like millions of Americans disappointed in the list of ingredients in your skincare that you can't pronounce? We were too so we created our own line of products from the earth not altered in a lab and free of harsh chemical additives! Sweet Life Spa offers fine quality Organic, Non-GMO, Wild Harvested, 100% Pure, Non-toxic and Fair Trade ingredients formulated into high quality spa & apothecary products with exceptional scents and flavors. Sweet Life Spa Botanical Solar Oils In A French Apothecary StyleWe use the finest ingredients to craft our Botanical Infused Solar Oils in the same fashion that apothecaries around the world have utilized for thousands of years. There have been some truly odd items infused over the years, but we use safe and 100% pure, edible ingredients in our Solar Oils. The Organic Flowers, Rosehips, Coffee and Tea Leaves we infuse into ultra-conditioning Organic Fair Trade Oils are of the highest quality available. We source our Damascus Roses from Bulgaria, Egypt and Morocco. The Damascus Rose is the most sought after Rose in the world. Rose Absolute and Rose Otto, in addition to our Rosa Damascena Solar Oil grace many of our creations. Roses are high in vitamins and antioxidants with anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the appearance of pores and redness associated with scars and acne. We infuse food grade, Vitamin-C Rich Rosehips for their anti-aging qualities for every skin type.

Our Arnica Montana Solar Oil is infused with German Arnica Montana, not the Arnica from Mexico, that carries some benefits, but does not compare to the quality or soothing benefits of the German variety. For soothing muscle and joint aches and pains our Arnica Massage Oil is a must! 

Arnica Massage Oil

We currently craft 43 different apothecary infused oils that take a minimum of 6 weeks to produce. We have Peppermint Leaf, Green Tea, Chamomile, Calendula, Rosehip, Licorice Root and many other oils infusing at all times. Our Organic Green Tea Solar Oil is infused with Green Tea from the USA, not China, making it a rarity in the marketplace! Green Tea is rich in Polyphenols and Flavonoids that fight off free radical damage. Look for these Botanical Solar Oils in our "Sweet Face" Collection that features all of these gorgeous oils for a radiant complexion. Our Organic Spa Body Care features three "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars that our customers are raving about in Damascus Rose & Hibiscus, Green Tea & Ylang-ylang and Vanilla Latte. These solid body butter bars are crafted with the finest face care ingredients and Brazilian and African Butters and Oils. 

Sweet Life Spa keeps integrity at the forefront and believes you should clearly be able to pronounce every item in our ingredient list. We do not use cheap fillers, water or chemical preservatives in any of our products. You receive goodness from the earth's resources, not from a lab! To view all of products please visit



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