Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? Detox You Skincare!

If you suffer from Chronic Pain Disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Arthritis you are not alone in looking for more natural alternatives to rid your body of toxins, not add them. Reportedly, 65% of what we put on our body goes directly into our blood stream through our pores. And if 100% goes into our bloodstream when we use a product internally, artificial additives in common toothpastes should give us all a pause. It has been reported that the females in America use on average 166 chemicals on their bodies each day. It's time for a major detox in our lives!

Sweet Life Spa provides reasonably priced 100% Pure, Non-toxic, 100% USDA Organic, Organic Fair Trade and Non-GMO necessities to replace the chemical laden products we are all trying to avoid. The Founder of Sweet Life Spa, Lisa Meyers, has had her fair share of chronic pain for 20 years after being in two car accidents. Being disappointed with the oral care, skin care and cosmetics that are full of chemicals in the marketplace, she set out to find natural alternatives. Even many of the more natural products were disappointing, so she created Sweet Life Spa, a company focused on detoxifying our bodies of harmful chemicals that are a pleasure to use and taste and smell amazing. Lisa has put in hundreds of hours of extensive research to develop this line of non-toxic alternatives to those found currently in the marketplace at a fair price. We craft our own Organic Botanical Solar Oils infused with top of the line ingredients that provide the benefits of each tea leaf or flower petal without being overpowering.

Our fun, tropical flavored "Sweet Teeth" Sugar-free Tooth Powder and "Sweet Teeth" Charcoal formulas are a great way to detoxify your oral tissue, brighten your smile and freshen breath without harsh chemicals that can often cause more harm than good. Our Earthen Clay, Pink Himalayan Salt and Non-GMO Xylitol Tooth Powders provide stronger teeth, dry mouth, sensitivity and gum soothing benefits. We use 100% USDA Certified Organic Flavors in our pure, sweet tooth powders that are gentle, deep cleansing and a pleasure to use.

"Sweet Teeth" Powder

"Sweet Teeth" Charcoal Stain Remover

Our Organic Hand, Nails, Feet, Lip, Sun and Face Care features 100% USDA Certified Organic Fragrances that are free of artificial dyes, added chemicals or anything synthetic. Sweet Life Spa utilizes Organic Antioxidant-rich Tropical, Super Fruit Seed, Nut Oils and Raw Butters for skin care that keeps our bodies naturally soft and conditioned. Check out our "Sweet Face" Collection.

We now have an Arnica Massage Oil in the months to come, to bring joint and muscle relief to those of us in daily pain. For now you can find this beautiful German Arnica Solar Oil in our "Sweet Feet" Butter to soothe achy feet at the end of a long day.

"Sweet Relief" Arnica Massage Oil

If you have concerns about putting chemical sunscreens on your skin, our "Sweet Sun" Screen SPF 30 is formulated with vitamin-rich oils and butters used in the Tropics for UV ray protection and Non-nano Uncoated Zinc Oxide. There is none of the strange smell associated with chemical sunscreens add they are scented with the same 100% USDA Certified Organic Fragrances as our "Sweet Lips" Balms and in the same flavor profiles as our "Sweet Teeth" Powders for oral care. With tropical scents like Passion Punch, Pina Colada, Banana Frappe, Strawberry Slush and Vanilla Latte, your kids won't fight having their favorite sunscreen put on before hitting the beach or playing sports. Our sunscreen is safe for babies, won't bleach coral reef formations or harm marine life!

"Sweet Sun" Screen

"Sweet Lips" Balms Gift Set

You can have these spa quality items in your home at competitive pricing. Visit to see all of our products.

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