Why You Need Mango Butter In Your Skincare

Mango butter is obtained from the exotic fruit tree most often grown in Brazil, India and Mexico. The tropical fruit is rich in beta-carotene and an antioxidant called Zeaxanthin shown to fight free radicals responsible for early aging. Mango butter is cold pressed from the interior of the edible seed of the delicious fruit. It is impressive as a  brightening and skin softening emollient full of antioxidants and Vitamins A, C & E, and soothing Stearic, Oleic and Omega 9 Fatty Acids. The bioactive compound Mangiferin is a strong skin protecting antioxidant with antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents. Even though mango butter has a texture similar to cocoa butter, it is rated as a zero on the comedogenic scale so it will not congest your pores. It's vitamin content is superior to cocoa or shea butter, hence the expense of this luxurious butter. At Sweet Life Spa, we utilize the finest Certified Organic Mango Butter for our lip, face and body products. The unique properties of mango butter are prized for the following skin advantages:

  • High Vitamin C content brightens, firms and plumps the skin
  • Smoothes and strengthens mature skin with lush emollients that resist epidermal moisture loss
  • Softens and protects extremely dry, flaky skin, chapped lips and brittle hair
  • Vitamin A provides a youthful glow while reducing fine line and wrinkle depth
  • Soothes irritated skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Retains moisture within skin for extended periods of time
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin
  • Vitamin E offers protection against the aging effects of UV rays and reduces the degeneration of cells
  • Takes the sting out of insect bites, sunburn and poison ivy
  • Promotes wound recovery, fades stretch marks and combats acne bacteria

You will find Certified Organic Mango Butter in these rich and silky moisturizers from Sweet Life Spa:

Botanical Face Butter

Our Botanical Face Butter is a whipped water-free souffle' that is light and fluffy without leaving your skin feeling oily. It is suitable for both men and women with a Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense aroma. Beauty Bloggers on Instagram are raving about the texture and efficacy of this all in one eye, face and neck moisturizer for sensitive, dry and acne prone skin! We combine our Apothecary Infused Botanical Solar Oils in Eyebright, Oat, Calendula, Rooibos Tea and Gotu Kola with Superfruits and Freshwater Pearl for balanced and deeply nourished facial tissue.

Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter

If you are looking for a body butter without the cheap fillers and synthetics, you will love our Pomegranate Punch Body Butter. It's formulated to absorb into your skin quickly without feeling greasy like many of the body butters in the marketplace. it provides a matte type lushness that lasts day and night without having to reapply often like with water-based lotions and creams. We combine Mango and Shea Nut Butters with Pomegranate, Apricot, Camu Camu and Grapeseed Oils for silky skin with a juicy Organic Pomegranate, Fig and Tangerine aroma. Just like our Botanical Face Butter, you will find this butter to last for months of use since it is rich and concentrated with the highest quality ingredients.

Organic "Sweet Lips" Balms

Our buttery lip balms are incredible for seriously chapped, cracked and peeling lips. They stay on for hours and keep your lips soft and kissable. Certified Organic Mango Butter, Beeswax and Honey draw moisture into your lips and lock it in place. Their anti-aging face care ingredients help smooth lip lines and give your lips a soft glossy look without feeling waxy. They are a must have in your skincare routine and are available in safe to consume tropical drink flavors like Pina Colada, Strawberry Slush and Banana Frappe. 

Green Tea Ylang-ylang Body Butter Bars

With a lively tropical scent, our Organic Sunflower Shaped "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar contains both Raw Shea and Mango Butter with Sunflower Oil, Superfruits and Teas. These bars are exceptional for extremely dry and chapped hands, feet, elbows and knees in need of some serious TLC. Our solid body butter bars are crafted with ingredients generally reserved for face care that are revered for minimizing scars, inflammation and redness.

For more information on all of our skin and sun care, please visit SweetLifeSpa.com


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