Pineapple Benefits For Our Skin

Not only does the zesty Pineapple taste and smell delicious, it is packed with nutrients that smooths and moisturizes our skin. Pineapple enhances glow and resiliency with the exfoliating enzyme Bromelain which helps in combating the formation of wrinkles, acne and chronic skin issues. Bromelain firms, eliminates dead skin cells, decreases inflammation and swelling, increases elasticity and the synthesis of collagen within our skin. Pineapple is extremely rich in Vitamin C, so it helps reduce the results of UV damage, blemishes, fine lines and clarifies by evening out the texture and tone of our skin. Vitamin A in Pineapple reduces the risk of inflammation and gives support to sensitive, irritated skin, lightens dark spots and acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal. The antioxidants in Pineapple fight free radicals and boosts the immunity and resiliency of our skin as it smooths and hydrates.

At Sweet Life Spa, we are all about gentle exfoliation and avoiding dehydrating synthetics in our Spa & Apothecary Skincare. We believe that nature contains all that we need for radiant skin. Our detoxifying and rejuvenating Petal 5 Minute Facial is one of our favorite products for baby soft skin. It is artisan crafted in the USA with Organic Pineapple, Damascus Rose, Hibiscus, Calendula and Chamomile Petals, Kaolin and French Pink Clay, Oats, Marshmallow, Yogurt and Coconut Milk with a splash of Pink Grapefruit. Since clay based masks can dry out before they are used up, we left this one in its powder form, Therefore, Petal 5 Minute Facial will give you months of remineralizing applications and always stays fresh without the addition of water, cheap fillers or artificial stabilizers. Simply add a teaspoon to a small dish using the wooden spoon provided and add a 1/8 tsp water or Rosewater to make a liquid paste that does its job in 5 minutes or less. It revitalizes your skin quickly and has an amazing exotic aroma for a true tropical spa experience without the premium price tag in the comfort of your own home.The scent of our dry mask goes perfectly with our Organic Solid Perfume in Petal, which is incredible!

Petal 5 Minute Facial

For the perfect summer or any time of the year island scent, our Petal Solid Organic Perfume and Petal Body Oil are crafted with Pineapple, Guava and Pink Grapefruit with Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-ylang and Hibiscus. This scent is from organic plant sources only. Our Petal Body Oil deeply infuses your skin with Super Fruits for brighter skin and 24 hours of silky moisture. The perfume is the perfect size for your handbag to refresh the aroma anytime of day!

Petal Solid Organic Perfume 

Petal Body Oil

We highly recommend that you pick up our Flower Power Facial Gift & Travel Set. This set was one of hottest selling items at our last outdoor event. At 15% off the set includes our full-sized Petal 5 Minute Facial, our 2 oz Rosewater Mist and our .5 oz Damascus Rose & Hibiscus Face Serum. These luxurious products will recharge your skin like you just had a day spa facial. 

Flower Power Facial Gift & Travel Set

Our latest spa gift set is our Flower Power Glow Set for your face, body and senses. At 20% off, this set can be split up for 3 glamorous gifts for under $20 each! 

Flower Power Glow Set

Visit for all your Organic Spa & Apothecary Face, Body, Sun and Oral Care needs formulated without toxic ingredients with no animal testing.

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