Organic Cacao Butter For Skin Care

Fair Trade Raw Cacao, also known as 100% Certified Organic Cocoa Butter with the botanical name of Theobroma. is one of nature's most abundant sources of antioxidants, natural chemicals that slow and prevent cell damage. Cacao beans are native to Central and South America and have been used internally and externally for centuries throughout the Caribbean. Of course, most of us love it as the base for fine chocolates and on a cold night in a mug with a dollop of cream. Montezuma, the Mayan King, reportedly drank up to 50 cups of unsweetened cocoa a day. At that time only the extremely wealthy could afford it since its beans were used as currency. It wasn't until the mid 1700s that milk and honey were added by the nobles of England. By 1798, more than 500 hot chocolate shops popped up in Paris. In 1875, Henri Nestle, the famous Swiss Chocolateir, turned cocoa into a solid bar.

Consuming a small amount of dark chocolate with a 70% percent or higher cocoa level daily is very beneficial to our health. Flavonoids found in cocoa are exceptional for heart health. Resveratrol is known to protect the nervous system. Organic Cocoa is a rich source of copper, zinc, protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and fiber. Cocoa also contains Polyphenols that reduce inflammation, improving our immune systems and cognitive functioning. The antioxidant levels of Cocoa Butter are even more superior to blueberries used internally or externally! 

Each cocoa pod contains 30-40 beans that are dried and slow roasted to release their butter and then they are cold pressed. The leftover solids after pressing are ground into cocoa powder. Raw Cacao Butter is higher in nutrients because the beans are roasted at a much lower temperature keeping its fatty acids intact. Non-deodorized and unrefined Cacao Butter has the scent of dark chocolate and tastes incredible. All chocolate creations contain this decadent butter to create a creamy texture. For perfect Spa Christmas Gifts, you will find the highest quality Raw, Certified Organic Cacao Butter in the following products from Sweet Life Spa:

Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars Gift & Travel Set

Organic Vanilla Latte "Sweet Sun" Screen SPF 30

Organic Vanilla Latte "Sweet Lips" Balm

Not only does the finest quality 100% USDA Certified Organic Food Grade Cacao Butter melt in our mouth, it melts on contact with our skin. Cacao Butter is rich in Oleic, Palmetic and Stearic Acids, essential fatty acids that offer deep moisturizing properties to the skin. At Sweet Life Spa, we use the finest quality Cacao Butter in our skincare for the following benefits:

  • Promotes quick healing of burns, wounds, sunburn and cracked or chaffed skin
  • Deeply conditions extremely dry, flaky skin to combat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin tone, elasticity and collagen levels without irritating synthetics
  • Its emollients retain moisture and locks it in place for hours
  • Softens the appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • Eases skin conditions such as Dermatitis, Eczema, rashes and sensitive skin
  • Hydrates dry hair and seals split ends

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