Rosehip Face And Body Benefits

One of the many unique qualities of Autumn is the Rosehip Fruit that appear on a rose bush after roses fade away from summer. Rosehips or Rose Hips, are predominately harvested from rose bushes in Chile, where they have been used for centuries. Rosehips are mostly grown in the southern Andes.from the Rosa Moscata variety. The Sweet Briar Rose Shrub produces the best Rosehips for our Whole Fruit Rosehip Solar Oil. Its leaves and fruit also carry the scent of apples! Many people eat crunchy Rosehips as a snack or add them to their morning smoothie since they are loaded with Vitamin C that boosts the immune system. Organic Rosehip tea can be very beneficial for anyone suffering from inflammation or Osteoarthritis. In our home we make sun tea with the fruit and hibiscus petals and drink it daily.

We incorporate Rosehip Seed Oil into our Green Tea Ylang-ylang skincare for Oily, Combination and Acne Prone types. This cold-pressed seed only oil has a comedogenic rating of a zero, whereas our Whole Fruit Rosehip Infused Oil is a 1-2 with added Vitamin C and moisturizing benefits for Dry, Damaged and Mature skin types. 

Extensive human studies have been conduct by the University of Santiago, with 180 individuals, providing evidence of the results listed below. At Sweet Life Spa, we utilize both Whole Fruit Rosehip and Seed Oil for our apothecary face care and body care. It is loaded with trans-retinoic acid, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that boast incredible anti-aging benefits, that are well tolerated for all skin types, even sensitive skin, including:

  • Stimulating collagen production with its high levels of Vitamin A, C & K
  • Protection from UV damage with antioxidants that fight off free radicals
  • Promotes regeneration of the skin reducing the effects of Eczema and Dermatitis
  • Softens fine lines and deep wrinkles 
  • Hydrates and soothes itchy, flaky, dry and sensitive skin
  • Fades dark spots, age spots and evens skin tone and texture with Trans-retinoic Acid
  • Corrects scars from burns, surgical procedures and acne; prevents the formation of keloid scar tissue, which is the characteristic thickening of the skin in scar formation
  • Converts prostaglandins that are absorbed through the skin with fatty acids that assist in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration
  • Softens the intensity of stretch marks and redness of the skin

You will find Sweet Life Spa's Organic Whole Fruit Rosehip Botanical Solar Oil in the following Botanical Spa "Sweet Face" Wash and Serum, "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar, Petal Body Oil and "Sweet Tea" Face and Body Care. These products focus on elasticity and collagen building, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, Eczema, age spots and irritation for Mature, Sensitive and Dry skin and are available at

Petal Body Oil Super Fruit Glow

Rose Hibiscus Face & Body Gift Set

Marine Moisture Serum - Astaxanthin Complex For UV Damaged Skin

Our cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil is available in our Green Tea Ylang-ylang skincare for Oily, Combination or Acne Prone skin with a focus on reducing acne, sensitivity, scars and post acne spots.

Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Wash

Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Serum

These products are designed for balancing excessive oil production and moisture levels. They are free from synthetics, alcohol and water that can contribute to blemishes and over active sebaceous glands. They are gentle and crafted with non-comedogenic oils that nourish and protect in your dermal layer or second layer of skin.









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