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Seaweed contains a plethora of vitamins and mineral directly from the sea. If you're a fan of sushi, you know the nutrients your body absorbs from Nori wraps. At Sweet Life Spa, we utilize a few different varieties of seaweed used to get your skin glowing and hydrated. We also include the world's most potent antioxidant, Astaxanthin into our Marine Moisture Serum for brightening and even preventing UV damaged skin. They include the following skin craving vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin C - Boosts collagen production which in turn promotes skin elasticity and youthful, firm skin.

Potassium - Necessary for hydrating our body inside and out plumping our skin's appearance and softening signs of aging.

Iron - Promotes circulation and cell regeneration providing supple, soft skin.

Choline - Revitalizes and soothes dry and mature skin, purifies acne prone skin and balances excessive oil production making Seaweed beneficial for all skin types including sensitive.

Niacin - Noteworthy for fading scars, post acne marks, hyper-pigmentation, age spots, UV damage, redness and inflamed tissue. Rejuvenates dull complexions and smooths roughness and flakes making your skin glow.

Seaweed is a potent detoxifying ingredient for purging the buildup within your pores, eradicating blackheads and inflamed acne. Many report it effective for lessening the bumpy appearance of cellulite. It also deeply nourishes the skin with moisture barrier restoring agents. Being a humectant, it draws moisture into the skin, locking it in while reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. Those with Eczema and other itchy skin conditions find relief with this lush gift from the sea. Antioxidants protect our skin from free radicals and everyday pollutants that create early aging. 

You will find the nutrients of the ocean with Sea Salt, Seaweed, Alaria Kelp and Astaxanthin Micro-algae in the following Organic Skincare products:

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex

Eradicate flakes from dry winter skin and dermatitis while defending your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. Our Tangerine, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense scented serum provides a radiant glow that only nature can provide without a greasy finish. You will find Seaweed, Raw Alaria Kelp and Astaxanthin in this potent anti-aging, skin brightening genie in a bottle! If your skincare regime doesn't include a serum, you are probably missing out on a vital age-defying step. Serums penetrate past the epidermal barrier and deliver nutrients deeper into our skin while correcting dark spots, wrinkles, scars, redness, congested pores and much more!

Marine Spa Soak Rose Hibiscus

Soak away stress with our luxurious bath soak loaded with Atlantic Alaria Kelp and a blend of Pink Himalayan and Hawaiian Red Sea Salt. Certified Organic Coconut Milk, Dairy Milk, Oats, Rose & Hibiscus Petals and Marshmallow Root nourish and gently exfoliate. This gorgeous soak is the natural scent of Rose, Hibiscus and Vanilla Bean that fills your bath with romance. There are no cheap fillers in our soak such as baking soda, citric acid or cornstarch. You receive a potent blend that provides 8-10 spa experiences per jar. 

Marine And Petal Spa Set 

As with all of our sets, you get a discount. This lush combination of products is a dream for turning your bath into a boudoir. Rose, Hibiscus and Coconut mingle perfectly with Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Pineapple and Guava for long lasting aroma and softness. Just a small amount of Petal Body Oil keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours and it is not oily!

Pomegranate Punch Body Butter

Organic Raw Shea and Mango Butter are Pomegranate Punch's first ingredients, not water like many body butters on the market! We formulate our body butter to protect and lock moisture in with a powdery finish without a greasy feeling on your skin. Kelp, Camu Camu and Maqui Berry, Pomegranate Seed and Grapeseed Oils brighten a lack luster tone. This is one of our top sellers at our fall festivals.

In the months ahead we will be launching our Organic Men's Collection including numerous nutrients from the ocean at so please sign up for our newsletter for new product launches and sales.

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