Sensitive Skin | 12 Gentle Products That Soothe

If you struggle with sensitive skin you have probably been searching for answers and solutions to calm your skin. Sweet Life Spa's Organic Skin Care was developed for my own extra sensitive skin. Anyone with sensitive skin was born with that specific skin type. You may find that other family members inherited this bothersome skin type as well. Fortunately, there are things that can be added or avoided to keep your skin calm, comfortable and glowing. Sensitive skin is a skin type, not a condition. We describe dehydrated and irritated skin conditions at the end of this article. The beauty of our brand is to treat your skin with gentle botanicals found in nature no matter what skin type you have. This includes normal, dry, mature, combination, oily and acne prone skin for the reasons explained after our product recommendations. 

So how do you know if you were born with sensitive skin?

The list describes what you may be experiencing:

  • Redness and broken capillaries are visible and difficult to cover even with concealer
  • Stinging and burning especially after you cleanse your face
  • Persistent itchy skin, uneven complexion and tightness
  • Extremely dry skin, flakes, rough texture or peeling
  • Makeup sits in your pores, creases and doesn't look smooth
  • You easily sunburn with or without sunscreen
  • Your skin reacts to extreme weather changes and temperatures
  • You experience blemishes, acne breakouts, bumps, blackheads and rashes
  • Spicy foods make you flush
  • Eczema or Dermatitis and Rosacea are often an issue
  • Your pores look large and are congested with dead skin cell buildup
  • The skin around your nose, mouth or chin is inflamed - this may also be Peri-oral or Peri-nasal Dermatitis from a reaction to chemicals in toothpaste or skincare

How do you treat sensitive skin?

We recommend using skincare that is gentle, oil-based and completely free of alcohol, peroxide, sulfates and harsh synthetics of any kind. Lotions and creams that contain water as their first ingredient should be avoided since water evaporates and takes your natural, protective oils with it. Your skin needs intensive moisture that is lightweight, yet not greasy and entirely balanced for penetrating beneath the skin's surface and preventing a loss of hydration. We specialize in crafting Botanical Solar Oils in the same technique utilized for thousands of years around the world to soothe and restore your skin. These infused oils balance and renew with correcting actives.

Incorporate roses and marine botanicals into your skin care routine. They are exceptional for fighting irritation minimizing the appearance of redness, broken capillaries, moisture loss and enlarged pores. Avoid sugar, salt and nut kernel scrubs on your delicate facial tissue. These easily cause micro-tears and irritation in all skin types, especially in those with sensitive skin! There are much better means of exfoliation, which should be done once a week to allow your moisturizers to work at peak performance. Refer to our recommendations for gently cleansing, exfoliating and properly moisturizing your face below.

The products pictured next were designed for my own extremely sensitive skin. The difference they have made not only for me, but for numerous test subjects and repeat customers has been quite remarkable! All of our skincare is water-free and concentrated for months of use. We feel the foundation for any skincare routine is to start off with a gentle face wash that is moisturizing and won't sting your skin or leave it parched and red. Always include a mild hydrating face mist as a toner, preferably our alcohol-free Rosewater Mist.

Organic "Sweet Face" Wash - Rose Hibiscus (Normal, Dry, Mature and Sensitive)

Organic "Sweet Face" Wash - Green Tea Ylang-ylang (Combination, Dry and Acne Prone)

Our face wash is very unique, so it is a top seller in our line. Soothing Organic Aloe Vera is its #1 ingredient. We incorporate the Oil Cleansing Method with mild Castile Soap and a detoxifying clay mask. Both formulas are free of alcohol, sulfates and detergents. Our face wash will not strip your skin, yet effectively removes makeup and sunscreen. Since they do not contain water they are extremely concentrated for months of use twice daily! Refer to our organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut for long wearing eye makeup removal or for a double cleanse.

"Sweet Face" Rosewater Mist

As mentioned above, roses are exceptional for red, irritated skin with large pores. A properly formulated toner hydrates, balances your pH levels, regulates excessively oily skin with antibacterial agents, clears acne, refines pores and draws your moisturizer of choice in faster and deeper. Our Rosewater Mist is crafted with edible Rosewater, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Acai Fruit and Colloidal Silver. It leaves bare skin luminous and softens the powdery look of mineral based makeup when used as a finishing spray. 

Organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is beneficial for most of us with sensitive, reactive skin. It contains a plethora of fatty acids that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Our Organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut smells like the coconut cream used in Pina Coladas. It is the freshest coconut oil I have found on the market from mature coconuts that are cold pressed immediately after harvest. It is not deodorized, contains no hexane and is not heated or pressed from dried and dirty copra like many coconut oils on the market. It makes a wonderful makeup melt, including removal of long wearing mascara and eye makeup. It can be used as an all over deep level moisturizer that calms the skin. We consider this coconut oil a 2 on the non-comedogenic scale opposed to the standard 4 that is associated with using coconut oil on your face. This is especially important when leaving it on as a nightly moisture mask. 

Rose Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Serum 

Our face serums are formulated to absorb quickly leaving your skin dewy and glowing. They penetrated the dermis or your skin's second layer without a greasy feeling. This is where you want to focus your attention for correcting blemishes, adjusting oily skin production, reducing scars, pores, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle depth and redness. Roses, Rosehips and Rose Otto are loaded with anti-inflammatory agents and Vitamin C for a brighter skin tone. Hibiscus is referred to as "Nature's Botox" for its firming abilities and it gently exfoliates without irritation. Super Fruit Oils like Guava and Apricot Kernel help with dark spots, smoothness and rough texture. Just 2-5 drops are the perfect primer before foundation without clogging your pores giving your skin a hydrated finish. Face serums are optimal when applied by pressing them into damp skin with gentle pressure.

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex

For extremely dry and flaky skin with UV damage, we highly recommend our Marine Moisture Serum with Seaweed, Microalgae and Kelp. These lush ingredients from the sea calm skin sensitivities and deeply nourish your skin. Astaxanthin, a coral hued microalgae, is clinically proven to reverse and protect against UV damage. This serum brightens a lack luster complexion with Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root, Gotu Kola, Chia Seed and Meadowfoam Oils. It has a Tangerine, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense aroma that is light and airy. We use essential oils very sparingly in our the majority of our face and body products at less than 1% of the formula. Those with Peri-nasal or Peri-oral Dermatitis see a big difference in the redness and flakes caused by those conditions without the need for steroids. 

Botanical Face Butter

Certified Organic Mango Butter is our Botanical Face Butter's #1 ingredient, not water that evaporates! It contains healing herbs that have been used for centuries for soothing and regenerating the skin like Chamomile, Calendula, Rooibos Tea. Papaya Leaf and Lemon Balm. Our face butter is triple whipped and not greasy for day or night use. It protects your skin's epidermis or top layer from water loss leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. For really dry skin apply a small amount over your face serum.

Botanical Body Oil

If you are struggling with Eczema or Psoriasis on your body, our Botanical Body Oil is going to be your new best friend for replacing water laden body lotions. Just one or two pumps after a shower locks moisture and hydration in your skin for 24 hours. Our customers rave about how our body oil has completely transformed the texture of their depleted skin. It is extremely concentrated, provides months of use and for an 8 ounce bottle it is a fantastic price! Both the Botanical Body Oil and Face Butter have a soft aroma from Organic Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense that anyone in your family with sensitive skin will love.

Vanilla Latte "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars

Indulge in the luscious scent of Vanilla Bean, Espresso and Caramel while conditioning wind burned skin and chapped hands, feet, knees and elbows. Raw Cupuacu, Shea and Cacao Butters intertwine with exotic Brazilian Oils for extreme moisture. These non-toxic coffee bean shaped body butter bars are a must have for the gardener, chef or anyone that has their hands in water often, like the new mom. We also carry these bars in Rose Hibiscus or Green Tea Ylang-ylang and as a set of all three at a discounted price in our Organic Gift and Travel Set Collection.

Petal 5 Minute Facial

Sensitive skin still needs to be exfoliated on a weekly basis, but many of us are left with red and overly tight skin after a face mask. Petal 5 Minute Facial is designed with our sensitive skin in mind and it literally works in 5 minutes or less. Organic Oats, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Root and Yogurt moisturize as Pineapple Enzymes, Clay and Flower Petals detoxify pores of blackheads and gently remove rough, dead skin buildup. Exfoliating weekly helps your skin absorb moisturizers better and leaves a smooth surface for makeup. 

Organic "Sweet Sun" Screen

Since sunburns are a major issue with many of us with sensitive skin, we have developed a sunscreen that feels similar to a body butter without any harsh chemicals. Non-nano Zinc Oxide is the main factor that keeps your skin protected from broad spectrum UV rays. It is marine life and coral reef safe and your kids will love it as much as you do in tropical drink plant-based fragrances. Non-nano Zinc Oxide sits on top of your skin reflecting the sun's rays like little mirrors instead of soaking into your bloodstream through your pores. This sunscreen is for fun in the sun days and not daily facial use. We are currently working on a formula for everyday face protection.

Organic "Sweet Lips" Balm Gift Set

These lip balms were created when I had a terrible reaction to a $30 lip gloss that left my lips extremely chapped, cracked and peeling 5 years ago. I tried every lip balm I could get my hands on to heal 3 weeks of split, burning lips before I crafted an amazing solution. Restoration literally happened overnight with this lip balm. It was the start of our product list and to date we have sold hundreds of tubes. The main ingredient in each of our balms is Organic Raw Mango, Shea or Cacao Butter, Certified Organic Beeswax, Raw Cactus Honey, Red Raspberry, Virgin Coconut and Avocado Fruit Oils and Aloe Vera. These lush ingredients protect and moisturize your lips with anti-aging face care ingredients that add a radiant sheen to your pout. 

Why our skin often gets irritated and leads to skin conditions?

Skin conditions such as Eczema. Dermatitis, sensitivities, allergies or dehydrated skin can develop with the use of harsh synthetics, sulfates and chemicals in everyday products designed for cleansing and moisturizing. It's no wonder so many people deal with skin issues since many skincare products still contain sulfates and toxic ingredients that are used to clean industrial buildings! Here's a brief explanation of what happens to our skin with harsh additives in some skin and oral care products. And what about the trend of putting toothpaste, cayenne pepper and other spices on acne spots? This is never a good idea and can send you to the dermatologist!

When our skin is dehydrated and irritated, our sebaceous glands will over produce a waxy type of sebum, or natural skin oils, to soothe and moisturize upset skin. The problem is that this type of sebum is very thick and capable of trapping dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and hardened buildup within our pores. The result is excessively oily skin with blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. Your skin is only trying to protect you from ingredients that were never intended to be on our skin in the first place. We find that some ingredients from nature are also too acidic and dehydrating for delicate facial tissue. These include Salicylic Acid from Willow Bark, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Juice and again, Sugar, Salt and Nut Shell Scrubs. Your skin should never burn or excessively flake from your skin care products!  

We highly recommend avoiding L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C Powder) and Retinol especially if you have sensitive skin or you find it is irritating to your skin's surface. This is because there's much more going on below in your second layer of skin that can rear its ugly head and start a roller coaster ride of breakouts in the months ahead. For brightening the skin's tone and addressing scars, we turn to Super Fruit Oils and edible Root, Flower Petal and Whole Leaf Teas that are moisturizing, oil balancing and correcting all at the same time. We also suggest using spin brushes and loofahs very sparingly or not at all. I still deal with a damaged pore on my nose from using a spin brush as recommended. So please be gentle with your skin. It will in return look more youthful, clear and fresh!

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