Serums, Lotions, Butters, Balms | What's the difference?

We are often asked the difference between Sweet Life Spa's Organic Moisturizers, so we have drawn up a guide in regards to their performance for each skin type and concern. First off, it is important to note that none of our spa treatments contain any water, alcohol or cheap fillers making them extremely concentrated and economical. We also specialize in crafting our own Botanical Infused Oils in the same technique utilized in apothecaries around the globe for thousands of years. Every product is non-toxic and entirely crafted from Botanicals, Super Fruits and Teas for brightening the skin. We have conducted thousands of hours of advanced research and have concluded that the "Fountain of Youth" is found in nature, not a lab. We are very proud of the fact that our skincare passes strict European Union Standards due to its purity and lack of harsh chemicals. We reveal a lot of tricks of the trade and skincare secrets in this post. If you are looking for real results provided 100% by the earth, this article is for you.

SERUMS - Our moisturizing serums are designed to draw antioxidants into the skin deeply while targeting a myriad of factors such as UV damage, dark spots, post acne marks, blemishes, wrinkle depth, sagging, enlarged pores, scars, irritation and redness. They balance excessive sebum production and bring your skin back to its natural radiance. All of our face serums are formulated with lubricating seed, bran and/or nut oils and USA grown Olive Squalane, which quickly absorb into the second level of skin for deeper moisture and correction.

Your dermal layer, or second layer of skin, is where you want to focus your attention to rectify issues. Our oil glands, hair follicles, sweat glands and collagen and elastin fibers all play a part in the health of our skin in the dermal layer. If you have ever experienced a painful acne breakout, way before you saw it on the surface of your skin, this is where it starts and can take weeks to appear. Serums are extremely effective in this layer of skin because they have a smaller molecule size than thicker moisturizers like butters or balms. All of our light-weight, oil-based serums are properly formulated to penetrate the canal of each pore by utilizing potent, yet gentle antibacterial agents that aid in balancing an excess of sebum. If you resisted nodding off during your high school chemistry class, you learned that oils dissolve oils. You also will find that oils are recommended in the Bible for cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

With each of our serums you will not have an oily feeling on your skin, no matter what your skin type is, just silky softness and a beautiful glow. You also need very little product per application. Just 2 or 3 drops is all that is necessary for a smoothing primer before foundation and for a youthful glow on bare skin! Serums are applied a bit differently as well. We recommend patting or pressing your serum into damp skin allowing it to absorb for a minute or two before applying added moisturizers, if needed. 

LOTIONS - Lotions (and creams) are made with up to 90% water and must include a strong preservative to inhibit mold and bacteria growth. As the water evaporates it takes your natural oils with it. This is why they need to be reapplied so often with minimal relief of dryness. We do not make lotions or creams because we prefer you save money by applying our concentrated moisturizers to damp skin. We find excellent results over our pH balancing and pore minimizing Rosewater Mist for fast absorption. In other words, there's absolutely reason to pay for plain water in your skincare products! We could go on and on about the ineffectiveness of watered down, oil-free, petroleum, sulfate and harsh synthetic laden skincare! We feel these are big corporate campaign misconceptions!

But what about hydration? You can achieve the proper level of hydration without stripping your skin after cleansing your face with a gentle face wash and toner (Rosewater Mist). We recommend our top selling Aloe, Oil and Clay based Rose Hibiscus or Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Wash crafted without sulfates, water, peroxide or alcohol. Our unique face wash does not dry out your skin or cause irritation, yet cleanses effectively. 

We have been conditioned to believe that our skin must be "squeaky" to be clean. The truth is that squeaky clean skin is dehydrated skin that tends to show problems such as wrinkling, acne, blackheads, itching and inflammation. Again, oils dissolve oils and moisturize at the same time! We also add a touch of Organic Castile Soap, made from oils such as Hemp, Coconut, Jojoba or Olive. We completely avoid sulfates and harsh detergents because they are strong enough to clean industrial building floors and are known to disrupt our skin's natural protective oils. 

BUTTERS - Butters protect the epidermal or surface of our skin with occlusives, emollients and essential fatty acids that prevent a loss of moisture. They protect against toxins and environmental stressors while easing irritation and the signs of aging. This top layer of our skin contains cells that are part of our immune system. Keeping the epidermis protected also keeps you healthy by guarding against impurities prone to seeping into our bloodstream via our pores. Additionally, for optimal performance and protection, butters are for massaging in upward circular motions while increasing circulation. 

We only formulate with Organic, Raw and Unprocessed Butters that keep our skin moist. These contain the highest amount of vitamins and essential fatty acids that lock in the benefits of the serum that you chose for targeting specific concerns. Many of our customers appreciate additional moisture during the day over a serum, especially when applying mattifying mineral makeup or for mature or dry skin. Some only need our Botanical Face Butter at night. Everyone is unique and has different moisture requirements. We formulated our Botanical Face Butter to penetrate the skin's surface slightly without a heavy, greasy feeling. So rest assured, there's no "oil slick" look even though it's waterless and applied over an oil-based serum.

Our Botanical Face Butter features Certified Organic Mango Butter as its first ingredient with a lush souffle' texture. We also include 13 of our Apothecary Infused Oils, Super Fruits and Freshwater Pearl. Each ingredient is highly effective with anti-aging benefits that can be used day or night as an all in one eye, face and neck moisturizer. That's don't need 3 different creams for each area! However, we do offer an eye serum that depuffs and soaks in quickly, so it won't smudge your eye makeup during the day. We include Eyebright, Gotu Kola, Prickly Pear, Licorice, Marshmallow and Rooibos Tea in our butter that address all of these areas perfectly! Just a pearl-sized amount is all you need per use over our serums of choice or alone on bare skin as a night treatment. Absolutely any skin type, from oily to dry, can use our Botanical Face Butter due to the fact that it is properly balanced with non-comedogenic and antibacterial ingredients.

BALMS - Balms are more solid than butters and offer added protection with humectants, like beeswax and honey that draw moisture from the air, soothing chafed skin while restoring elasticity and lipids. We recommend balms (our solid body butter bars) for cracked skin recovery. They are excellent for your hands, feet, elbows and knees. Our "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars are available in 3 rich formulas and are crafted with exotic tropical butters and oils generally reserved for face care. Our Vanilla Latte "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars sell out at every outdoor market we participate in because they are loved by both men and women and are extremely healing. We have seen amazing results on severely dry hands of gardeners, wood workers, vineyard owners and chefs when they sample our "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars.

Don't forget about your lips. Our "Sweet Lips" Balms are fantastic for correcting and protecting against peeling and cracked lip tissue. They are available in Certified Organic beach drink flavors such as Pina Colada, Banana Frappe, Vanilla Latte and Strawberry Slush. You can try all 4 flavors at a discount with our "Sweet Lips" Balm Gift Set.

We also realize that face cleansing balms are trending right now. Please note that balms are great as topical protection, but they are made with waxes that won't allow serums to penetrate deeply into your skin to work their magic. Again, they are for protecting the skin after cleansing and need to be removed with steaming hot water or too much scrubbing. We don't recommend upsetting your skin's barrier that much. For eye makeup removal or a first step cleanse, we like to use our Organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut. It is super pure and fresh, smells delicious and is not from dried coconuts of China. 

Everything in our line works synergistically, so our face serums are designed to be used in conjunction with our gentle face wash and toner. We don't feel you don't need a 11-step product regimen each night, in our honest opinion. Add one of our detoxifying masks once a week and our Botanical Face Butter for extra protection and you're good to go! And, what about using body products on your face? Your facial tissue is very delicate and needs special care to avoid irritation. The skin on your body is much thicker and stronger. It needs extra and much different exfoliation, relief and protection after shaving your legs, on hard working hands and feet, and rough knees and elbows, for instance. Our recommendations for your body are at the end of this page.

All of our affordable, long lasting, luxury spa face and body skin care can be found by clicking the photos below or at


Rose Hibiscus - Normal, Mature, Dry and Sensitive Skin Types

Key Benefits: Firms, minimizes enlarged pores, redness, line and wrinkle depth, scars, Rosacea and dark spots with teas and super fruits that gently exfoliate with AHAs for a smooth, glowing complexion.

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex - Extremely Dry and UV Damaged Skin

Key Benefits: Plumps, eradicates flakes, dry patches and dermatitis, reverses and protects against UV damage, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It's a moisturizing powerhouse for parched skin that builds collagen and elasticity while brightening a dull complexion!

Green Tea Ylang-ylang - Combination, Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Key Benefits - Cleanses pores with antibacterial agents, balances excess oil production, adds moisture back into your skin, addresses scars, redness, inflammation, acne and post acne marks 

Rose Green Tea Eye Serum

Key Benefits: Softens crow's feet, fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles, depuffs and addresses under eye circles without smearing eye makeup. This is a top seller in both Europe and the USA.


Botanical Face Butter

Key Benefits: Seals moisture in and impurities out, soothes, protects and repairs irritated, itchy skin conditions and visibly fades signs of aging. This non-greasy formula has a powdery finish as a 3-in-1 eye, face and neck protector.

Pomegranate Punch Organic Body Butter

Key Benefits: Brightens, smoothes and tones your BODY with Super Fruits in an Organic Pomegranate, Mediterranean Fig, Tangerine and Blood Orange aroma. Raw Shea and Mango Butters provide non-greasy moisture with a powdery finish. Please note that you should refer to the ingredients lists of butters on the market, if they have liquids in them, they are a cream and not a "true body butter"! An inexpensive price generally suggests that they are made with cheap fillers. 


Organic "Sweet Lips" Balm

Key Benefits: Exceptional day or night lip therapy with deeply nourishing anti-aging Mango, Shea or Cacao Butters, Honey, Aloe, Beeswax and Oils that keep your lips from peeling and cracking while softening feathered lip lines.

Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar Gift Set (Body Care Only)

Optimal for anyone that works with their hands as a deep conditioning day or night treatment. Each formula is different and available individually, so please refer to the description on our site for details.


Petal 5 Minute Facial

This island spa inspired face mask eliminates dead cell buildup and blackheads with Pineapple Enzymes, Calendula, Roses, Hibiscus, Chamomile and Yogurt in just 5 minutes a week! Even those with sensitive skin will fall in love with this deliciously aromatic, quick and easy mask.

Banana Smoothie Cleansing Grains, Buff & Mask

Quickly exfoliates your delicate facial tissue with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Banana Fruit & Flour, Coconut Milk, Whipping Cream and Oats for a smooth, soft skin texture that allows moisturizers to work at their maximum potency.

Organic "Sweet Cream" of Coconut

Perfect for removing long wearing mascara with a reduction in eye lash loss. This Virgin Coconut Oil is of extremely pure quality from a private grove in the South Pacific Islands. It is cold-pressed immediately after harvest retaining its Lauric Acid content. It is NOT from dried Copra, like many coconut oils on the market, which are left to dry unprotected from insects and wildlife - gross, but true.

Green Tea Ylang Ylang "Sweet Face" Wash - Combination, Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Rose Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Wash - Normal, Dry, Mature and Sensitive Skin

Our face wash is an unique combination of the oil cleansing method, a clay mask and mild Castile Soap. It effectively removes makeup and sunscreen without dehydrating your skin. It is very important to start your skin care routine with a gentle cleanser. 

Rosewater Mist

Alcohol-free and soothing, our Rosewater Mist is a toner that balances the pH of your skin and minimizes irritation, redness and pores with a light, refreshing scent entirely from the high quality ingredients it's crafted from, not synthetics. We recommend spritzing your face with it before applying any of our moisturizers. After applying powder foundation, it locks it in place and softens the "powdered look" and adds luminosity to bare skin.


Strawberry Slush Whipped Body Scrub

With Raw African Shea Butter as its first ingredient, our body scrub doesn't slip through your fingers while eliminating dead cells. You won't need to add anything else since Shea Butter stays put and moisturizes all day! Real Strawberries, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, French Pink Clay and USA Grown Organic Cane Sugar are the icing on the cake.

Botanical Body Oil

Petal Body Oil 

Our luxurious after shower body oils deliver 24 hour deep level moisture on cellular level. Our Botanical Body Oil is in our subtle "Creamsicles at the Beach" scent of Organic Sweet Orange, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense, matching that of our Botanical Face Butter. We always recommend it to customers battling Eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions. Our Petal Body Oil is enriched with skin smoothing and brightening Super Fruits. It has an island resort spa aroma of Pineapple, Guava, Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang that our customers adore. Both are loaded with Ceramides and Fatty Acids, so a drop or 2 can be used on your hair to smooth the cuticle and fly-away strands.

Marine Spa Soak

Relax your mind and body in the comfort of your own home with a tropical blend of muscle and skin soothing Red Hawaiian and Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, Sea Kelp, Detoxifying Clay, Marshmallow Root and Oats. Its Rose, Hibiscus, Coconut and Vanilla Bean aroma are romantic and long lasting. 

Arnica Massage Oil

Used by athletes and massage therapists for injury and pain relief, German Arnica Montana is amazing for anyone with muscle or joint problems. We combine soothing herbs known for their ability to quickly bring relief and soften the skin at the same time with a sunny aroma anyone will appreciate. This is another item we sell out of at pop-up shops and markets we participate in throughout the year all over Arizona.

Don't miss our gift and travel sets that combine many of our face and body care products at a discount! We will have a men's line available soon as well, but for now we recommend our Marine Moisture Serum, Botanical Face Butter, Botanical Body Oil and Vanilla Latte "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars for men.


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