Brazilian Andiroba Oil Skin Benefits

Andiroba Oil is cold pressed from the seed of the Crabwood Tree, which is in the same family as Mahogany and Cedar. These trees grow wild throughout the wetlands of Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, Columbia, Venezuela and French Guiana. The seeds are found under Andiroba Trees and float in water. They wash up on the beach where they are collected by locals. This practice brings in funds without harming the trees of the area. This unrefined virgin oil is termed a "Miracle Oil" by Brazilians. The oil is safe when consumed and is sold by the people of the Amazon at roadside stands and at market. Brazilian Andiroba Oil is a staple in the Amazon Raniforest due to its effective use as a mosquito and insect repellent, attributed to the presence of Limonoids. The oil solidifies in cool temperatures and is mixed with beeswax to make a smokeless mosquito repelling candle which is quite effective at fighting Malaria. 

Andiroba Oil has a light nutty scent and is a thick, yellow oil that is slow absorbing due to its Omega 3 Fatty Acid profile provides anti-inflammatory pain relieving agents for Rheumatism and is often used as a massage oil in Brazil. At Sweet Life Spa, we craft our Brazilian Babe "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars in Vanilla Latte with the finest and quite expensive Wild Harvested Andiroba Oil and 8 other unique oils and butters of the Amazon It is of the utmost importance to be certain of the legitimacy of oils from other regions of the world. Many oils that claim to be authentic are often cut with inexpensive oils and will not provide the full benefits of the oil. So what are those benefits?

  • Reduces irritation, pain and inflammation associated with skin conditions like Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis
  • Reduces swelling and pain of acne breakouts with similar compounds to Neem Oil
  • Increases collagen, firms and tightens sagging skin with Alpha-Hydroxyl Acids
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles and plumps the skin with silky moisture 
  • Tones areas prone to cellulite and helps prevent drooping (Extensive research has proven its effectiveness. A famous French skincare company has a patent on their cellulite cream with Andiroba Oil)
  • Promotes hair growth and is used to prevent hair loss
  • Protects pets from ear mites, fleas, mosquitoes and ticks

To get your hands on skincare with Wild Harvested Brazilian Andiroba Oil, check out the first, but hardly the last product, in our "Brazilian Babe" Collection. Our "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars are deemed "the best thing we have ever put on our skin" by our customers that gave numerous tins as Christmas gifts. They are exclusive to Sweet Life Spa, so you will not find anything else like them on the market.

Vanilla Latte "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars

These Organic Solid Body Butter Bars are amazing on dry hands, feet, elbows, troubled skin, freshly shaven legs and anywhere you experience extremely dry skin without synthetics, soy or cheap fillers. Simply swipe them across your skin or warm them slightly in your palms. The rich butters and oils are activated by your body heat.

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