The Organic Flavors And Fragrances Of Sweet Life Spa

At Sweet Life Spa our dream was to create the purest botanical spa skin, hand, nail, feet, sun and oral care products possible. We feel there needs to be more integrity in products found in the marketplace and we do not cut corners or add cheap fillers. Our primary goal was to design products that were not only extremely pure, but to also taste and smell amazing. We meld the concept of Organic with fun products you find in department stores making them safe for your body and an absolute pleasure to use. Sweet Life Spa's Organic items are made with food grade ingredients that are safe to consume without synthetics, alcohol, peroxide or water, eliminating the need for harsh preservatives.

Sweet Life Spa was inspired by tropical dream locations and spa treatments most desired in high-end resorts. We have found inspiration from the lush tropical gardens, slushy drinks and coffee house creations served on the beach that remind us daily of our most cherished vacations. All of Sweet Life Spa's flavors and fragrances are 100% Pure, Non-toxic and Organic or Wild Harvested. Crafted like a body butter, our Strawberry Slush Scrub is loaded with real strawberries for glowing, soft skin,

Strawberry Slush Whipped Body Scrub

Reportedly, 65% of what we put in or on our body is absorbed into our bloodstream. So if an ingredient isn't researched as completely safe, we avoid it completely in our line. We also take great pride in only selecting the highest quality ingredients that are procured from small family businesses within the United States and avoid countries of origin that have contaminated water and air conditions. If you are just starting to learn about Organic products, you would be shocked by what we have discovered in expensive, proclaimed to be natural products. It is really quite disturbing! Additionally, none of our products are tested on animals!

Our Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars that make the perfect spa body care gift. These solid body butter bars are loaded with African and Brazilian Butters and Super Fruit Oils for extremely dry skin, stretch marks, inflamed skin conditions, cellulite and for the softest freshly shaven legs. You won't find a body butter of this quality anywhere on the market due to the fact that Sweet Life Spa created these lush bars with anti-aging Botanicals usually only found in fine quality Organic face care. See what are customers are raving about and giving away for Christmas.

Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar Gift Set

Our Petal 5 Minute Facial, Solid Perfume and Body Oil are in a island scent of Pineapple with Flower Power Infused Oils, Triple Milled Botanicals and Super Fruits. They are available individually or in our Flower Power Glow Set for 20% off

Flower Power Glow Gift Set

For extended moisture retention, our Botanical Body Oil and Botanical Face Butter are exceptional for Eczema and dry skin in the delicious scent of "Creamsicles at the Beach".

Botanical Body Oil

Botanical Face Butter

Our "Sweet Teeth" Powders, in regular and charcoal stain removing formulas, are crafted with 100% USDA Certified Organic flavors, that are made in the United States. Our supplier actually grows their own plants for their flavors and aromas under the strictest guidelines in the country. Our clay based re-mineralizing oral care products are available in 5 drink flavors including Banana Frappe, Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Slush and Spice Vanilla Latte. Our Organic "Sweet Lips" Balms and Scrubs are in similar flavors and are crafted with Raw Mango, Shea or Cacao Butters for maximum conditioning. You will find our marine life and coral reef safe Non-nano Zinc Oxide SPF 30 sunscreens in these scent profiles as well.

Banana Frappe "Sweet Teeth" Charcoal Stain Remover 

Organic Zinc Oxide Passion Punch "Sweet Sun" Screen 

Many of our 'Sweet Face" Collection and hand care items boast the incredible power of Damascus Roses, Green Tea and Chamomile & Honey. Wild Harvested ingredients are superior, in our opinion, because they are harvested at their peak in a wild, untouched setting without pesticides and other contaminants using ethical practices. We use the finest Wild Harvested Bulgarian Damascus Rose Oils in our products with fantastic results for your skin. The Certified Organic Green Tea we infuse is extremely rare due to the fact that it is grown, harvested and manufactured in the USA. If you have yet to discover Ylang-ylang Oil, it is a must. This bright yellow flower carries the sweet aroma of citrus, custard and tropical Madagascar flowers that are harvested from tree blooms. Sweet Life Spa also crafts 19 of their own Botanical Solar Oils in the same fashion that apothecaries around the world have for thousands of years.

Organic Rose Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Sample Set

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang Face And Body Set

Rosewater Mist

Sweet Life Spa's Mojito scent was inspired by the icy mint and lime cocktail made famous in Havana. If you have dry and swollen feet after a hard day's work, our Organic "Sweet Feet" Butter is a must to soothe away aches and pains with concentrated anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents. Our refreshing Whipped Mojito Butter is rich in Fair Trade Raw Ivory Shea Butter, nourishing oils, German Arnica Montana, Polynesian Tamanu Oil and a perfected blend of Organic essential oils for a true spa experience at home. 

Mojito "Sweet Feet" Butter

As part of our French Riviera Collection, invigorating Orange Peel and Oil takes center stage in our Organic Mimosa "Sweet Nails" Serum. Rich in Vitamin C to rejuvenate your nails. If you like the scent of the champagne and citrus cocktail made famous in 1925 at the Ritz Carlton in Paris, you will adore these products.

Mimosa "Sweet Nails" Serum





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