Treatment Of Dark Under Eye Circles? Q&A


A: Removing them entirely is probably not possible due to the information I have studied in depth about under eye circles, but they can be lightened and covered quite a bit. They are generally caused by hormones and are often hereditary. Some skin tones and nationalities experience them at different levels of darkness, but everyone wants them gone. Seasonal allergies and a lack of sleep can also intensify the darkness under our eyes.

Organic Licorice Root is legendary for addressing dark circles. Damascus Rose Oil, Organic Sweet Almond, Olive Squalane, Rice Bran and Super Fruit Seed Oils help lighten, brighten and tone the area for a more youthful eye area. Organic Green Tea, German Arnica Montana and Chamomile Tea address puffiness and soothe our delicate eye area. At Sweet Life Spa, we craft our own USA grown Certified Organic Green Tea, Bulgarian Damascus Rose and Licorice Root Solar Oils for the highest quality botanical spa skincare

Sweet Life Spa's Organic “Sweet Face” Collection is designed for all skin types and issues. Our "Sweet Eyes" Serum is crafted with Organic and Wild Harvested anti-inflammatory ingredients only nature can provide for easing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines or wrinkles. An extra eye cream is not usually needed. All of our products are formulated without synthetics, petrochemicals, drying alcohol and cheap fillers so you receive maximum potency. This silky serum is so concentrated that only 1 drop is needed for all day moisture. The bottle will last you 4-6 months at only $27!

Organic Damascus Rose & Green Tea "Sweet Eyes" Serum

Additionally, after the use of a properly formulated eye serum, foundation can soften the appearance of dark circles without sitting in fine lines. A correcting concealer a shade lighter than your foundation is most helpful to cover any the darkness that may still exist. Just be sure to add a touch of powder to lock it all in place. I get the discoloration at the corners of my inner eye and so does my daughter. After the use of our serum, it has lightened a lot. For extra assurance, I apply the steps above and use a white shimmery eye shadow in that area and place a bit under my brow bone.

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  • My whole family has dark circles. I am getting your Rose Green Eye Serum. Lovely ingredients.

    Melissa Gray

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