What Are Botanical Solar Oils And Why Do You Want Them In Your Skin Care?

At Sweet Life Spa, we specialize in crafting Botanical Solar Oils for our Spa Skin Care. We believe avoiding synthetics, cheap fillers, drying alcohol and peroxides in the items you put on your skin is the best step toward more radiant skin. The products we use should be gentle, yet effective for balanced and well nourished skin. We also feel that using the gifts of nature and getting back to the basics our ancestors used is key.

Botanical Solar Oils have been created in apothecaries around the world for thousands of years. Sweet Life Spa's Apothecary creations are the infusion of edible and non-toxic plant materials such as Organic Tea leaf, Wild Harvested Flower Petals, Herbs and Roots that soothe and protect our skin from exterior contaminants. We additionally incorporate steam distilled Organic Essential Oils for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, but in small quantities to avoid irritation, since they can be extremely potent. This is where our knowledge about the proper way to formulate Spa Botanical Skin Care comes into play.

We have spent thousands of hours of extensive research to come up with the highest quality infused oils to combat common skin conditions with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals not found in most skincare in the marketplace. Apothecary Botanical Solar Oils provide the benefits of each ingredient without unnecessary irritation. They deeply absorb into your skin battling wrinkles, fine lines, redness, dark spots, scars, firm and even the tone of our skin, the way they were originally intended to be used in the first place. 

Many herbal extracts are made with Butylene Glycol. This is a controversial material that our body does not absorb and it decreases the value of the herb. We infuse herbs in Organic Oils that preserve the integrity of the plant and are absorbed into our dermis taking the nutrients of each herb with it.

Additionally, when we apply harsh synthetics to our skin they have a tendency to throw off our pH levels, dehydrate the skin and cause breakouts. Our sebaceous glands secrete an excess of sebum to counteract dry, flaky and stressed skin. This is a waxier type of sebum that fills up in our pores then traps dead skin cells as bacteria sets in. This is how acne is generally formed and worsened by hormones, stress, a lack of sleep and a poor diet. Sadly, many companies are marketing oil-free skin care and claiming oils are the cause of oily skin. Nothing could be further from the truth and this infuriates us at Sweet Life Spa, Dry, non-comedic oils and botanicals are not your skin's enemy - synthetics and drying alcohol are! So, if you have been on a roller coaster ride between oily and patches of dry, flaky skin with blemishes, it may be time for a change in your skincare choices by getting back to the goodness of the earth. 

All of our Spa Skin Care contains Botanical Solar Oils. We craft 21 different formulas that take a minimum of 6 weeks to create, but the wait is worth it. You will find Organic and Wild Harvested Bulgarian Damascus Rose, Green Tea, Hibiscus Flower, Licorice Root, Lemon Balm, Marshmallow Root, Chamomile Tea, Calendula, Vanilla Bean, Papaya Leaf and German Arnica Montana infusions, just to name a few. Visit SweetLifeSpa.com for further details.

Our moisture sealing  Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars are crafted with the finest African and Brazilian Butters and Oils and our exclusive Botanical Solar Oils. They are perfect for restoring moisture to extremely chapped hands, feet, knees and elbows. And don't miss our Botanical Body Oil for 24 hours of super soft skin without a greasy finish used directly after a shower. Our Botanical Face Butter is a must for dry winter skin, especially used over our Marine Moisture Serum with the world's most potent antioxidant Astaxanthin. These high quality skin care items are loaded with the best nature has to offer for UV damaged or chronically inflamed skin.

Organic "Sweet Cream" Butter Bars Gift Set

Botanical Body Oil 

Botanical Face Butter 

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex

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