What Does Rosewater Do For Our Skin?

Rosewater is a distillate, also known as a hydrosol, created by steaming fresh rose petals. Fine dining restaurants around the globe have blended rosewater into delicious cocktails and desserts for years. Its internal and external use date back to the times of ancient Egypt. Rosewater is now becoming very trendy in posh restaurants in the United States as well. Roses are not only exotic tasting, they are loaded with Vitamin A, C & D and Niacin. A hot or iced tea can be made of rose petals that is very calming for your mind and body. For an aromatherapy boost, roses provide a feeling of relaxation, serenity and romance. Not everyone has the time to get to a spa, so why not treat yourself daily to a spa worthy mist that you can use as often as you like? If you're in need of extra beauty rest, before turning in for the night, spritz your face and pillow with Sweet Life Spa's Rosewater Mist and drift off to sleep.

It is often recommended to use Rosewater to calm irritated skin after a facial procedure or if you use too much Retinol. Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette both used roses in their long soaks and in their skincare. Roses are full of antibacterial properties and antioxidants and are perfect for every skin type. As a hair deodorizer, Rosewater is also beneficial for the pH of your scalp that helps prevent dandruff and oiliness. At Sweet Life Spa, we incorporate Rosewater, our Damascus Rose Solar Oil and Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil into our face and hand care for the following benefits for our skin:

  1. Helps maintain the pH of our skin and controls excess sebum. Balanced pH levels combat impurities that lead to blackheads, blemishes, dry or oily skin
  2. Anti-inflammatory and cleansing agents fight off acne, Dermatitis and Eczema
  3. Greatly reduces redness, blotchiness and tightens capillaries
  4. Revitalizes, hydrates and moisturizes our skin providing a youthful glow
  5. Expedites wound, cut and abrasion recovery
  6. Strengthens skin cells, regenerates tissue and fades scars
  7. Retains moisture levels softening fine lines and wrinkles
  8. Cleanses pores with astringent properties and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores
  9. Eases under eye puffiness and gives your eye area a refreshed look
  10. Reverses UV damage, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation

Sweet Life Spa's Rosewater Mist is designed to be used as a toner, a light makeup setting spray or as an anytime of the day refresher. It is perfectly crafted with a touch of Organic Inner Fillet Aloe Vera, Pure Colloidal Silver, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel and Brazilian Acai Super Fruit Oil. We do not add essential oils to our formula, so you receive the light aroma of the pure ingredients. At Sweet Life Spa, we feel it is important to avoid synthetics and dehydrating alcohol in your skincare to keep your skin balanced. You will find our Rosewater Mist in numerous Gift & Travel Sets as well.

Organic "Sweet Face" Rosewater Mist

Many skincare companies make the mistake of adding artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals that defeat the anti-inflammatory agents that should calm your skin. We specialize in gentle and effective plant-based skincare for all skin types. None of our products contain parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives or cheap fillers. Sweet Life Spa's Organic Damascus Rose Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Serum and Damascus Rose Green Tea "Sweet Eyes" Serum are crafted with exquisite Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil and our Damascus Rose Solar Oils for ultra-moisturizing advantages for Normal, Mature, Dry and Sensitive Skin Types. Our Damascus Rose Hibiscus Face Wash is an unique combination of a mild face wash, a detoxifying clay mask and The Oil Cleansing Method. 

Don't miss out on our Botanical Face Butter that locks in the locks in the nutrients of our Rosewater Mist. This triple whipped butter is crafted with Organic Mango Butter, THIRTEEN of our Botanical Solar Oils, NINE of our Super Fruit Oils and Freshwater Pearl for deeply softened skin with intensive wrinkle reduction. It is perfect layered over our regenerative face serums day or night depending on your skin's unique moisture requirements . 

Botanical Face Butter

For more youthful looking hands. Sweet Life Spa's Damascus Rose & Hibiscus "Sweet Tea" Hand Salve is crafted better than most face creams with antioxidant-rich Raw Shea Butter and nourishing botanicals and edible oils. Our hand salve is a combination of a body butter and an ointment. If you are searching for the perfect gift, pair it with our "Sweet Hands" Scrub made with Organic USA grown Cane Sugar, Pink Salt and finely ground rose petals.


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