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Face serums are all the rage lately, which may leave you wondering why you need one. Serums are designed to be used along with a moisturizer or alone, some vary for morning and night use. They are more like a tonic or facial oil, rather than a rich cream, made to address underlying issues such as acne, UV damage, wrinkles and skin tone and texture. If there is something particular you are trying to alleviate from your face, serums give you an extra boost for your specific skin type. Serums soak in to your skin at a faster rate and at a deeper cellular level than creams. Face butters and creams are designed to protect, lock in moisture and the benefits of serums. Depending on your specific skin type, sometimes a serum is all you need underneath your makeup. When using them in conjunction with a cream moisturizer, pat your serum into your skin with your fingertips and allow the serum to absorb for a minute first.

There are two general types of serums. The first is a liquid formula with actives such as Retinol (Vitamin A derivative) or L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C powder) and Hyaluronic Acid (retains moisture unless you live in an arid climate) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (created with sugar, fruit or dairy components). It is very important to never mix lab produced serum actives, since they can burn sensitive facial tissue, throw of the pH of your skin or even worse, give you a trip to a Dermatologist. 

Since liquid serums can cause irritation, you must work your way up in the percentage of actives to see results in many formulas. So don't try to jump ahead of the game with a 20% Vitamin C serum to get quick results. Additionally, liquids must have a preservative in them to ward off mold and pathogen growth. Liquids also evaporate which may lead to a tendency of taking your natural protective oils with them. This can cause dry patches, the addition of other corrective products and is one of the many reasons so many are turning to the second type of serums.

At Sweet Life Spa, we feel that it's time to get back to the gifts of the earth with spa botanicals that contain natural super fruit vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which brings us to the second serum formulation - Apothecary Botanical Oil Based Serums. We prefer a more gentle approach with Organic and Wild Harvested olive squalane, rice bran, fruit and nut oils that penetrate deeply with anti-inflammatory agents that reduce redness, irritation, blemishes, scars, dark spots, UV damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dead skin cells and the appearance of pore size. Organic non-comedogenic oil serums contain Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F and K and vital essential fatty acids that soak deep into dermal layers. We add silky Olive Squalane since it soaks into your skin at 3 mm per second. Rice Bran Oil is often used in post surgery procedures making it beneficial for acne and scars. Essentially, an oil-based serum restores proper lipid levels, balances and cleanses in your second layer of skin with correcting actives. 

For extremely dry skin with wrinkles, flakes and UV damage, our Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex is a must any time of the year and especially for winter. This non-greasy moisture rich serum contains the world's most potent antioxidant Astaxanthin along with deep moisturizing Atlantic Alaria Kelp, Red Seaweed, Chia Seed and Marshmallow Root. This anti-aging genie in a bottle is perfect both day and night for smoothing and refining the texture and tone of your skin while protecting against and reversing damage from UV rays. It's Organic Tangerine, Frankincense and Vanilla Bean aroma is uplifting and delicious! If your complexion looks lackluster, brightening Licorice Root, Whole Rosehips and Astaxanthin work overtime correcting darkness of the skin without irritation. 

Marine Moisture Serum Astaxanthin Complex


Our Organic "Sweet Face" Collection features 3 serums as anti-aging, deep moisture methods for your delicate facial tissue that balance your natural sebum production. All of our serums include Sweet Life Spa's Botanical Solar Oils that are loaded with Olive Squalane and Organic Tea Leaf, Plant Root and Flower Petal compounds. We handcraft botanical infused oils in the same manner that has been used for thousands of years in apothecaries around the world! We do not add synthetics, preservatives, cheap fillers or liquids to our serums providing a concentrated, effective product that lasts for months. They can be used morning and night so you don't need 2 or 3 separate serums, however they can be mixed depending on your unique skin type. 

Organic Rose Hibiscus "Sweet Face" Serum

Our Rose Hibiscus Serum is designed for antioxidant-rich deep moisture for Normal, Mature, Dry and Sensitive skin types. This serums' main goal is to firm, reduce redness and pore appearance thanks to the perfect balance of flower oils.

For Combination, Extremely Oily and Acne Prone skin, we have crafted a light, non-comedogenic Green Tea Ylang-ylang Serum to cleanse the canal of each pore while offering free radical benefits.

For under eye puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles our Organic Rose Green Tea "Sweet Eyes" Serum gently addresses these issues. All contain Olive Squalane for lightening speed absorption. 

Organic Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Serum

Organic Rose Green Tea "Sweet Eyes" Serum

For the smoothest application of any serum, apply 2-3 drops to your fingertips and lightly tap your serum onto freshly cleansed, damp skin, after the use of a toner. We recommend our Wild Harvested Rosewater Mist to balance the acid mantle of your skin with edible Rosewater, Aloe Vera, Colloidal Silver, Alcohol-free Witch Hazel and Brazilian Acai Fruit.

Rosewater Mist

Botanical Face Butter 

Our Botanical Face Butter is designed to sit on the surface of your skin as a protecting moisturizer that is not greasy feeling. It is crafted without water and with non-comedogenic Organic Mango Butter as its first ingredient. It locks moisture in and impurities out. Use it day or night over your oil-based serum as extra protection against moisture loss. It smoothes and renews texture for a youthful glow. 

All of our non-toxic concentrated ingredients have been extensively researched to naturally relieve skin issues of concern for so many of us.To find out more about each serum, simply click on the photo to go to our product page at SweetLifeSpa.com


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