Ylang-ylang Oil Skincare Benefits

Ylang-ylang (pronounced EElang-EElang) is a falling star shaped, tropical flower that grows on trees throughout rain forests of Asia, the South Pacific Islands and Madagascar. The flowers are wild harvested and steam distilled to produce a sweet and seductive floral, citrus and custard scent that has the ability to calm anxiety, lower cortisol levels (a hormone that regulates stress and blood sugar), slow a fast heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Ylang-ylang Oil became all the rage in Victorian Europe in skincare, or promoting hair growth by increasing circulation of the scalp. It is often seen in luxury designer fragrances, including Chanel No 5. Known to be an aphrodisiac, Ylang-ylang contains compounds that have been used for their uplifting antidepressant and sedative properties for suffers of insomnia. Both men and women find Ylang-ylang to be euphoric and heavenly scented. In Indonesia, the romantic blooms are scattered on the beds of newlywed couples. For centuries, Ylang-ylang flowers have been turned into a salve to address wounds, burns, and insect and snake bites in the South Pacific Islands. We highly recommend our Green Tea & Ylang-ylang "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar for glowing skin and repair.

Green Tea & Ylang-ylang "Sweet Cream" Butter Bar

Seborrheic Eczema is a condition of the skin that is caused by external irritants and malfunctioning sebaceous glands. This disorder results in irregular sebum production and infected epidermal cells that appear as flaky or greasy cells on the skin or scalp. Organic Ylang-ylang Oil is known to regulate the production of sebum, dislodge hardened debris in pores and calm irritation, inflammation and redness. When our skin is dehydrated from harsh synthetics and alcohol in skincare products, our sebaceous glands go into over-drive producing a much waxier sebum. This type of sebum will trap dead skin cells, bacteria and debris deep within your pores resulting in breakouts. Your body is only trying to moisturize and protect itself from items that were never intended to be there in the first place. This is the is one of the many reasons Sweet Life Spa recommends getting back to nature for our skincare. We do not add synthetics, alcohol or cheap fillers to any our products and we focus on purity. 

Since Ylang-ylang boasts antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents with a gorgeous aroma, we craft the following products with Ylang-ylang from the exotic Island of Madagascar. All of these items contain skin-craving antioxidants and botanicals that promote cell turnover with and address acne prone and oily skin with anti-aging properties. 

Green Tea Ylang-ylang "Sweet Face" Wash

Green Tea Ylang-ylang " Sweet Face" Serum

Petal Body Oil

Green Tea & Ylang-ylang Face And Body Gift Set

Island Bloom & Citrus Hand Gift Set

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