About Us

Sweet Life Spa is located in the Sedona Verde Valley with a number of unique skin care goals in mind...

To purify, detoxify and beautify with integrity at the forefront. To offer high-end skincare just like you would receive in a resort spa, delivered directly to your door at a fair price. To provide Organic, Non-GMO, Wild Harvested and Fair Trade Botanicals using ethical and sustainable practices. We feel that there needs to be more integrity in regards to skin care and that you should be comfortable with every ingredient listed on the label before putting it on your body. Many Americans are very health conscience and strive to limit contaminants from their lives, not add them via our body's largest organ, our skin. We also feel it is necessary to pamper ourselves every day, somewhere in our hectic schedule, because we often don't take enough time to relax, restore our bodies and recharge our minds. And most importantly, every item should be glamorous, formulated to be 100% beneficial to your body at full potency and an absolute pleasure to use.

All of our skincare is highly concentrated, without plain water, made entirely with the finest quality Super Fruits, Ocean, Earth and Plant-based Nutrients with a focus on providing balanced, properly hydrated skin with a radiant glow while saving you money! Rather than spending on big ad campaigns, we put our time and money into advanced botanical research and craftsmanship creating superior skincare from top notch, safe enough to ingest, ingredients. Our research shows that the "Fountain of Youth" is found in nature, not a lab. "This is our passion and not considered a job to us, so we do not cut corners or utilize cheap fillers!"  

Founded by Lisa Meyers, a wife, mother, spa treatment and skin care addict, beach lover and gourmet in the kitchen with former careers in fine dining restaurant management, real estate and as a consultant for a luxury natural skincare companyEventually the skin care line she deeply respected cheapened their line. She left the company and searched for products labeled as more "natural" and ended up quite disappointed. She even started purchasing 'fun skincare' at the mall with friends. This was a huge mistake that left her with Eczema, inflammation, lines and breakouts she never experienced before. At this point, she had enough of what the market had to offer, conducted thousands of hours of research and developed her own face and body care line.

Lisa Meyers - Founder Of Sweet Life Spa At 50 Years Young

We are unique in the fact that we take the time to craft customized Botanical Infused Solar Oils in the same technique utilized for thousands of years in apothecaries around the world. You will see these restorative marine, leaf, root and flower power infusions in the majority of our gentle spa skin care. Every ingredient in our line is there for a specific reason; to feed your skin, regenerate and restore barrier function. We will never add parabens, phthalates, sulfates, soy, petrochemicals, Butylene Glycol, PEGS, synthetic dyes & fragrances, alcohol, water, harmful preservatives and other inexpensive fillers. We believe God put everything needed on earth for healing and protecting our bodies.  

We ship your order out quickly, often on the day you place it via first class and priority mall (2-3 business days). We ship internationally and are proud that our products pass strict EU regulations. With a focus on product purity, we do not purchase anything from China. In support of our economy here in the United States, all of our ingredients, bottles and jars are procured from small family businesses in the USA.

We are certified as a cruelty-free brand by The Leaping Bunny Program. We test on humans, not animals! We provide support to our local food bank, church and families in need. To help stop global child sex slavery and human trafficking, a portion of all sales go directly to Operation Underground Railroad. To make a donation and for more information, please visit ourrescue.org

Be sure to sign up for email alerts and our newsletter. We will not bother you with massive amounts of emails (we despise that!), only notifications on the release of brand new product launches and flash sales. For questions, comments or guidance on selecting the best products for your skin type, please drop us a line on our Contact Us page.

"To us laughing with friends and family and taking time for ourselves to unwind at the end of a long day, in a bit of luxury, is living the Sweet Life!"