F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  Why Doesn’t Sweet Life Spa Use Essential Oils In Their Oral And Lip Care Line?

A:  We love essential oils for many applications, just not in our oral and lip care products. We understand this may be a matter of controversy and opinion combined with professional and personal preference for many. While developing this line, we did an in depth study in regards to this very question. With numerous hours of research on this controversial subject and extensive testing of our formulas we found the following information. Essential oils provide scent, but not necessarily flavor and often add a bit of sting and bitterness. We are all about making our products taste and smell delicious so you and your family will look forward to using them. Essential oils are super concentrated, are not generally intended for internal use or on children under the age of 6, unless under strict supervision and the advisement of a highly trained medical physician. For example, it takes 224 pounds of peppermint leaves to distill 1 pound of peppermint essential oil, making it extremely potent. We are advised to brush our teeth for at least 2 minutes, twice daily. With that in mind, that which goes into our mouths also goes directly into our blood stream. We feel there is a safer and more delicious alternative. Our focus at Sweet Life Spa is to bring you high-quality items that are handcrafted with 100% pure, non-toxic, food grade, organic and Non-GMO, fair trade and wild harvested deliciously flavored products that you and your family will enjoy using without unnecessary burning or irritation. After our testing phases with essential oils we decided on using organic concentrated flavors from a deeply established and reputable company in the United States with more than 25 years in the industry. They grow and harvest their own plants and only manufacture with steam distillation. If it can’t be done through this high quality technique, they don’t make it. They are under the strictest guidelines within the country and we proudly spend extra on their 100% USDA Certified Organic, food grade intoxicating flavors. We obtain our organic lip balm flavors from the same company since we love that they are completely edible, non-toxic and do not irritate or dry out lip tissue.


Q:  So Does This Mean You Don’t Use Essential Oils In Sweet Life Spa Products?

A:  We absolutely adore essential oils in the correct application and environment and definitely use them in many areas of the line! We only use high quality Organic Essential Oils in many of our products and minutely in our face wash and serums and body oils. Our essential oils are obtained from a high-end supplier, staffed with chemists and botanists, who provide a variety of beautiful essential oils such as Rosa Damascus Otto that cost $750 an ounce. We use rose, other floral oils and hydrosols in our French Riviera Collection. Additionally, we craft our own Organic Apothecary Botanical Solar Oils that go into many of our spa treatments; such as marine botanicals, coffee, teas, roots, herbs and Madagascar vanilla beans. Solar oils provide many of the amazing benefits of plant materials without being too intense.


Q:  What Are Apothecary Botanical Solar Oils?

A:  Sweet Life Spa crafts beautiful Botanical Solar Oils in the same fashion utilized, for thousands of years, in apothecaries around the world. Our customized infused oils are made with the finest edible and non-toxic botanicals steeped in organic oils using indirect sunlight for a minimum of 6 weeks at the proper formulation. We do not percolate our infusions, keeping the nutrition of the oils and botanicals active and intact. It is a process we must be patient with, but it results in vitamin rich oils full of the fabulous aroma, antioxidants and nutritional properties of each flower or plant without being extremely potent or irritating. We pay special attention to proper rotation and tend to these luxurious oils numerous times daily. We only use made in the USA, unbleached, 100% organic cotton cheesecloth for straining purposes, after they are properly infused, so absolutely no harsh chemicals come in contact with our infusions. We are proud to take the time to create superior, ultra-conditioning infused blends for our skin care and upcoming cosmetics.


Q:  What Is The Difference Between Refined, Cold Pressed And Expeller Pressed Oils And Butters?  Which Do You Use In Your Products?

A:  Sweet Life Spa exclusively uses unrefined, cold-pressed oils and butters, with a couple of exceptions. We completely avoid refined oils and butters due to the fact that they are expelled through a process that uses heat up to 400 degrees. Refining at such high heat degrades the integrity of the oil and may even require bleaching or deodorizing. Cold pressing never exceeds 120 degrees and is what we prefer to use. Expeller pressed oils are also very high quality, but are expelled through intense force and/or steam distillation and hydrolysis at slightly higher heat, not to exceed 210 degrees. While there are no fractionated coconut oils (MCT Oils) that are cold pressed, the one we pay a lot extra for is rare because it is organically grown in the United States, is hexane-free and is expeller pressed. The long chain triglycerides are separated from the oil via steam distillation and hydrolysis without the use of chemicals. This more expensive process separates the lauric acids that make coconut oil solid which gives it a more stable shelf life being rich in medium chain triglycerides (Capric and Caprylic acids). Sometimes we require coconut oil in its liquid state for items such as our Mimosa “Sweet Nails” Cuticle Serum. Organically Grown USA Fractionated Coconut Oil is less greasy than solid coconut oil and soaks quickly and deeply into dermal layers of the skin making them an excellent way to ultra-condition skin, nails and hair. We also use cold pressed 100% USDA Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from fresh coconuts in “Sweet Lips" Balms to keep it certified pure where it may be ingested, although all forms of coconut oils are often recommended daily as a dietary supplement. We might be a bit picky, but it is of great importance to us. By popular demand, we now offer for exceptional anti-aging skin care, "Sweet Cream" of Coconut, our 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that is made from South Pacific fresh coconuts. The scent is amazing  - like cookies and Pina Coladas. We also incorporate Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil in our skincare and sunscreen line. All three of our coconut oils are non-toxic, food grade, not from Asia and are of exceptional quality. We also incorporate Rice Bran oil for its Ferulic Acid and Squalane content for anti-aging and deep moisturizing properties in some of our products. The Rice Bran Oil we use is organically grown in the United States, not China and is expeller pressed during the milling phase. All of our luxurious nut butters are raw, unrefined, cold pressed, non-toxic, not deodorized, in their natural scent and organically grown Fair Trade ingredients without contaminants.


Q:  How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

A: Your order will be shipped the same day it is received or if late in the afternoon, the following day, depending on the time of day the order is placed, and delivered via the United States Postal Service. We use Priority Mail and First Class Mail, which means you generally receive your package within 3 business days. Our products pass strict EU Regulations. For international orders, please note it can take 1-3 weeks depending on your location and local customs. You will be charged an additional fee in the European Union, which is standard, for filing forms and VAT taxes. The majority of our deliveries to Europe have been received within 10 days. Orders sent to Canada are generally received in 5-10 business days.


Q:  Does My Purchase Support Any Charities?

A:  Sweet Life Spa supports operation Underground Railroad to help put an end to the disgusting practice of child sex slavery and human trafficking. A portion of all sales goes directly to the cause with 100% of the funds raised being used for operations. Retired Navy Seals and other highly trained operatives have freed hundreds of people during these rescues, place them in a safe environment and provide medical and emotional support. For more information or to donate, please visit ourrescue.org Additionally, Sweet Life Spa supports our local food bank financially and through hands on service each week. This particular food bank feeds 450 families weekly with premium supplies from stores such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Walmart and Fry's.


Q:  Are Clays And Salts Considered Organic?

A:  Since these substances are found naturally in the earth, they are natural compounds. As a matter of fact, every item from the earth is technically a chemical. We don't use any ingredient considered "harsh" in our soothing products. The commonly used term “Organic” generally applies to the industry of agriculture, not these particular substances. They are, however, not processed, with problem causing chemicals, are purified with heat and provide minerals and nutrients our bodies need directly from nature. They are of great importance to our 100% pure spa product line to detoxify, purify and beautify.


Q:  Do Any Of The Ingredients In Your Products Come From China?

A:  We are very adamant about quality control at Sweet Life Spa and we do not source from China as a whole. We are a company that focuses on detoxification, not adding hazards into our systems. With the current condition of some of China’s air and water, and the practice of cheap labor, unfortunately we are uncomfortable using anything from the entire region. We also choose to provide as many ingredients as possible from small family run businesses here in the United States helping out our economy. These businesses were carefully chosen for their transparent ethical practices and desire to provide the purest products with a similar goal in mind as ours, healthier, greener choices for our active American lifestyles. The items we obtain from these companies are organically and ethically grown and manufactured free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. We are unique in numerous ways, but we will not use hyaluronic acid powder, shark liver squalene, evening primrose oil, camellia seed oil and a few other items in our skin care or cosmetics due to purity of location issues and the way they are produced. The Organic Green Tea in our line is very unique in the fact that it is 100% USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO and grown, harvested and packaged in the USA, not China. The Organic Rice Bran and Hexane-free Fractionated Coconut Oils we incorporate in our products are also rare in the fact that they are grown in the United States as well.. Even our BPA-free, PET, 100% PCR recyclable jars and bottles, glass bottles, stainless steel tins and shipping boxes are manufactured entirely in the USA. Being 100% pure is more than just a statement on our packaging!


Q:  What Does BPA-Free, PET And 100% PCR Mean In Regards To Your Jars And Tubes?

A:  Our jars are of the highest quality, from recycled materials and entirely made in the USA. Each jar or balm tube is black for a specific reason – that color blocks out the most light. Sunlight can quickly degrade the potency of our fine organic butters, oils, flavors, fragrances and essential oils. Most are familiar with the term BPA which stands for Bisphenol A, a synthetic industrial compound that has been used since the 1960’s as a polycarbonate compound that hardens plastics. It has been reported that 90% of BPAs remain in our systems. Those BPAs reportedly can affect our brains and behavior in children. Our jars do not contain BPAs! PET jars and tubes are made of recyclable resin are hydrolyzed (broken down molecules with water) and sterilized. PET jars and tubes do not adsorb the nutrients of ingredients, such as essential oils, or allow resin to enter the product inside the jar. PET is commonly used for soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, edible oils, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. They are also sturdy enough to recover from accidentally dropping the jar, resisting breakage unlike glass.This is of great importance for our "Sweet Sun" Screen since many pools and beaches don't allow glass for obvious reasons. Since our jars are lighter in weight than glass they reduce product and shipping costs for our customers. Since PET is an excellent moisture and oxygen barrier it helps restrict the growth of bacteria and mold. This is very important because we do not use synthetic parabens or phthalates preservatives in our products. Finally, 100% PCR refers to the fact that they are made from Post Consumer Resin, which has been recycled, cutting down on the overflow of landfills. We pay twice as much for these food grade, shatter-proof jars to ensure your safety. Our jars are completely recyclable after use. Additionally, our products are sealed for your protection with an interior seal and exterior shrink wrap. We also offer Made in the USA Glass Bottles and Glass Jars for many of our products at an additional cost.


Q: If You Use 100% Pure, Organically And Ethically Grown, USDA Certified Organic And Non-GMO Ingredients – Why Isn’t There An USDA Organic Stamp On Your Jars And Bottles?

A:  We at Sweet Life Spa blend Organic plant materials, but we do not grow them ourselves or own a farm. As stated above, USDA Certified Organic is a term for The United States Department of Agriculture. They regulate Organic farm-raised ingredients, in regards to food, and not necessarily ingredients in skincare lines. There are no set standards for oral care, cosmetics or skincare products even if they are comprised of Organic ingredients like ours. As our line expands, we may decide to pay the steep fees to become organically certified by another program. Right now though, it is quite expensive to do for many small family businesses in the United States. We feel our pricing is quite reasonable for the exceptional quality of our products and would prefer to keep it that way for our customers. We currently search specifically for 100% USDA Certified Organic stamped ingredients, foremost, for our line. However, our primary goal is be certain of the country of origin, purity and unrefined ingredients. Oftentimes we turn to Organic Fair Trade for that reason. We are also passionate about sourcing from small family businesses in the USA, aiding our own economy. These businesses grow, cultivate and manufacture in the states and source abroad, high quality Organic botanicals, butters and oils free of harsh chemical additives, use sustainable and ethical Fair Trade and Wild Harvested practices and avoid buying from areas of the world with unhealthy growing conditions. Sweet Life Spa is all about detoxification and we are not interested in other certification programs that allow 50%-99% natural or organic products to be stamped with their logo. Hopefully a program for 100% Organic Only becomes available for Organic Skin Care and Cosmetic lines. Until then, we clearly supply a list of ingredients in every product description denoting 100% USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO with a * or organically and ethically grown free of chemical pesticides and herbicides, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested with a + next to every ingredient. The companies we purchase from that are not USDA Certified either employ or are owned by chemists and botanists. They are well aware of the importance of proper soil and crop rotation techniques, sustainability and greener living. We are extremely happy with the quality of ingredients from our small business suppliers and will continue to provide you with them as well. Sweet Life Spa primarily purchases 100% Pure, Cold Pressed and Unrefined Oils and Raw Nut Butters. The only exception to that rule is a few high quality purely Unrefined, Expeller Pressed and Hexane-free oils that can only be crafted that way.


Q: What Is Fair Trade?

A:  You may have heard the term Fair Trade in regards to coffee, chocolate, sugar, flowers or tropical fruits. Fair Trade products in our line are grown organically by small farmers in tropical regions of the world. Though we would prefer to purchase the majority of our ingredients in the United States, some of them just aren’t grown in this country and must be imported. There are more than 1.65 million farmers and workers in 74 countries abroad who participate in Fair Trade programs. These programs are part of a social movement that guarantee fair wages for employees in developing countries, better growing, harvesting and trading conditions at a fair price with respect, transparency and sustainable farming practices. Many of the products we invest in are labeled as 100% USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO and 100% Organic Fair Trade. Sweet Life Spa approves of Fair Trade products that our small, family businesses procure that are Organic or Wild Harvested in safe environments.


Q:  What Is Wild Harvested?

A:  Wild Harvested is the practice of gathering botanicals such as herbs, flowers, nuts, fruits and vegetables from their natural habitats in the wild. They are naturally "organic" and in their relatively unbothered setting fed only by the sun and rain, left free of pesticides and other pollutants. Picked at the peak of harvest, the harvesters leave the surrounding areas as untouched as possible. The harvesters and their employers are Fair Trade participants ensuring better living conditions for their families and higher quality, cleaner packing conditions. We at Sweet Life Spa feel great about giving those in less privileged countries a sweeter life for their families as well.


Q: Do You Test On Animals?

A:  We are a cruelty-free company and are Leaping Bunny Certified. We test on humans, not test on animals! We do not purchase our ingredients from any company that would support animal abuse in any way.


Q:  What Are Normal And Healthy Ph Levels For Skin, Hair And Oral Care?

A:  We test all of our products to ensure the proper range of Ph levels. Ph is short for Potential Hydrogen or referred to as the “Power of Hydrogen” levels. The term refers to either the acid or alkaline content found in or on normal human bodies or ingredients used to cleanse or moisture and restore. Sebum is our skin’s own conditioning agent made by our oil glands for our scalp and skin secreted through our pores. Our lips are often the driest part of our bodies because they have no oil glands. Our skin protects itself naturally with a slightly acidic barrier to block out harmful bacteria, fungus and pathogens. We test our skin products to be sure they are in a healthy range of 4.5-5.8 aiding in anti-aging and antioxidant properties while avoiding the potential of breakouts. Our “Sweet Teeth” Powder is formulated with a healthy outcome of 8.0-9.3 to combat harmful biofilms and support healthy flora. With the proper PH level and application, even oily skin and hair types benefit greatly from plant oils. So, if your face, body or hair is in a constant flux of either too oily or too dry, balancing you’re the Ph in your daily use products is more than likely the answer to a Ph balanced and more youthful looking you!


Q:  Are Sweet Life Spa’s Products Gluten Free?

A:  Yes!  We do not add any ingredients containing gluten in our line. Please note that the majority of our products do carry a tree nut warning, if that is an issue for you.


Q:  Are Coconut, Sunflower Oil Or Ivory Shea Butter Allergy Warnings And Tree Nut Allergy Warnings The Same?

A:  If you are allergic to nuts such as almonds or Brazil nuts, you should absolutely avoid any of our products that contain a tree nut allergy warning and nuts in the ingredient list. Sunflower seeds are actually in the legume family, as are peanuts. An allergy to sunflower seeds is reportedly rare according to our research. However, if you or a family member has an allergic reaction to peanuts, it would be wise to consult with your allergist before using sunflower oils on your body. Coconuts are not a botanical nut and are considered fruits. An allergy to coconut, even if you have a tree nut issue, is reportedly quite rare. It may be rare to have an allergy to Ivory Shea Nut Butter, but we are not allergy specialists and include the warning on our products for your protection. If you are not certain about these possible allergens PLEASE consult with your doctor or allergy specialist before using any of our products with nut warnings!


Q:  Are Your Products Considered Vegan?

A:  Our products are made with 100% pure plant materials and elements from the earth. We do use Organic, Raw, Triple Filtered Beeswax and Unfiltered, Raw Honey in quite a few of our items. Some vegans, but not all, feel that bee products are not right for their lifestyle, which is entirely up to the individual. However, there are claims that harvesting beeswax and honey harms bees and is a cruel practice. We conducted a lot of research and conversed with expert beekeepers. The claims do carry some credence in regards to large honey mills which we won’t support for a number of reasons. The honey and beeswax we use is from two small family businesses in the USA. They tend to their hives and harvest the honey and wax, in an ethical manner, by those with years of experience and passion in beekeeping. We are a company that focuses on purity, country of origin and supporting USA small family businesses. We have tried all of the other commonly used waxes in our formulas and found nothing works quite like beeswax as an emulsifying skin barrier that is spectacular at retaining moisture levels. Beeswax works so well because of the “wax esters” which are also found in human skin. We also discovered beeswax to be more pure than bleached palm, hormone disrupting soy waxes; often from China, or waxes that are diluted with sulfuric acid. As a cruelty-free company that does not do animal testing, we are very comfortable with the use of 100% pure, raw honey and beeswax we procure for our line. One thing is for certain, honey, beeswax and bee products are loaded with health benefits for the entire body. We also utilize Organic, USA farm fresh dairy in our face masks and bath soak for their lactic acid, skin softening actives.

Q: Where And How Should Sweet Life Spa's Products Be Stored?

A:  Since our 100% pure, non-toxic and organic products are made without cheap fillers or harsh chemical preservatives such as parabens, phthalates or alcohol, storing them in direct sunlight should be avoided due to condensation and separation of oil-based products. We recommend keeping our products in a dark, cool cabinet or drawer, when not in use. Due to the nature of the raw butters used it is typical for the consistency to change with the temperature of your home. The item may harden in cooler or soften in warmer weather above 75 degrees. This does not affect the potency or nutrients in our products. If our sunscreen is left in the sun, it still will reflect UV rays and will solidify again once cooled. Just be sure to carefully remove the lid, when cooled if it has become soft or liquefied, so you don't lose any product or burn yourself. Using the wooden spoon provided, stirring the sunscreen to redistribute the minerals is a good idea as well. We suggest keeping items used outdoors in an insulated cooler if possible. We highly recommend NOT leaving your "Sweet Lips" Balm in your car on a hot summer day to avoid burns and leakage in your vehicle.