"Sweet Teeth" Powder in 100% Organic Sweet Tropical Flavors

At Sweet Life Spa we believe in getting back to the goodness of nature for our oral care with 100% USDA Certified Organic Tropical Slushy Drink Flavors. Our Sweet Teeth Powder consists of a blend of non-toxic Bentonite and Kaolin Clay that have been used for thousands of years internally for detoxification, cleansing and re-mineralization. Disinfecting Ancient Sea Pink Himalayan Salt and PH balancing Sodium Bicarbonate purify your mouth as well. Non-GMO USA Birch Xylitol creates an environment that discourages biofilms and decay as it increases saliva and adds sweetness to our deliciously flavored sweet tooth powders. We also have a natural USA Hardwood Charcoal Whitening formula that gently brightens and whitens your teeth in the same fun flavors as our Sweet Teeth Tooth Powder. For the deep clean you experience in a cleaning done by the pros in the convenience of your own home, we recommend our sweet powders for daily use, twice a day or more if you'd like. These Sweet Tooth Powders are currently on sale 25% off.