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Petal 5 Minute Facial

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Petal 5 Minute Facial is a Vitamin C Packed Petal Pink Face Mask that gives you 15+ exfoliating applications that are gentle enough for all skin types including for sensitive. It eradicates dead skin cells and blackheads allowing moisturizers to perform at peak performance for a dewy, radiant glow. Our antioxidant-rich pore refining face mask adds minerals back into your skin with a dreamy aroma reminiscent of an island spa facial. At a fraction of the cost of one spa treatment, in literally 5 minutes, your skin feels and looks petal soft, replenished and completely revived.

Keeping your skin smooth and free of build up is a necessity for flawless makeup and luminous, balanced skin. Wild harvested, safe enough to eat ingredients draw out impurities reducing the appearance of pores, scars, post acne marks, UV damage, fine lines and wrinkles without irritation or redness. Petal is an exceptional treatment for rejuvenating dry, rough hands as well. Arrives in a Made in the USA 2.3 ounce reusable thick-walled glass jar.

  • Optimal in its powdered state for a perfectly fresh mask until the jar is finished.
  • Pineapple and Pink Grapefruit Enzymes are powerhouses for a smooth complexion without disturbing skin's microbiomes. 
  • Easily rinses off with warm water
  • Leaping Bunny Certified - We test on humans, not animals!
  • Crafted without parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances, phthalates, petrochemicals, butylene or propylene glycols, silicone, soy or cheap fillers.
  • We do not source any of our ingredients from China ensuring product purity.
  • Our botanicals and glass jars are procured from small family businesses within the USA.
  • Petal 5 Minute Facial makes a fantastic spa gift for Bridal Showers, Bridesmaids, Birthdays and the new mom!


Once a week, preferably at night, using the wooden spoon provided, add 1 spoonful to your palm or a small dish. With the spoon, trickle purified water or our Rosewater Mist into the powder and work into a creamy paste. Apply with fingertips or spoon to a cleansed, damp face and neck and let it rest for 5 minutes maximum. Avoid your eyes, brows, lips and hairline. Apply leftovers to the backs of your hands. Rinse completely with warm water, spritz with our Rosewater Mist and apply a moisturizer of choice preferably our Botanical Face Butter. Rinse and dry the wooden spoon for future applications. Be sure to keep water out of the container. Use within 1 year after purchase.

**We do recommend avoiding direct sun or using harsh actives in conjunction with our mask on the day of use including Vitamin C, Retinol or scrubs. This mask is gentle for sensitive skin, but always spot test before all over use and cut the dry time to 3 minutes to start.


*Organic Oats (USA), +Kaolin Clay (USA), *Organic Coconut Milk, *Organic Marshmallow (USA), *Organic Hibiscus, +Wild Harvested Roses, *Organic Calendula, *Organic Pineapple (USA), +Organic Yogurt (USA), *Organic Chamomile, +French Pink Clay, *Organic Aloe Vera (USA), *Organic Pink Grapefruit (USA)

*USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Ingredient

+Organically and ethically grown free of pesticides, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested, obtained from small family businesses in the USA

Cruelty Free – We test on humans, not animals!

Petal's Botanical Actives:

Colloidal Oats – Create a soothing, moisturizing cleansing action with saponins beneficial for chronic skin conditions, dry, sensitive and oily skin, lightens discoloration, acne scars, redness and eases inflammation, itching and flaky cells

Kaolin Clay – Softens without redness, re-mineralizes as it lifts dead skin cells, debris and blackheads to the surface while brightening tone.

Coconut Milk – Loaded with Vitamins C, B1, B3, B5, B6, Copper and Magnesium with nourishing and repairing Essential Fatty Acids that replenish dehydrated dermal layers and restore elasticity with antibacterial Lauric Acid while adding an unforgettable creamy island spa scent

Marshmallow Root – Creates an antibacterial buffer with silky mucilage that plumps the skin and retains vast moisture levels for extended periods of time; ideal for sensitive skin, itching, Rosacea, Dermatitis and chaffing while promoting cell regeneration

Hibiscus Petals – Termed “Nature’s Botox” due to its firming ability, rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Polysaccharides, Vitamin C and Mucilage that provides moisture retention, gentle exfoliation, as its antibacterial agents aid in rapid wound recovery and discourage blemishes

Damascus Rose Petals – Provide antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, dense in Vitamin C, Niacin and antioxidants that minimize redness, broken capillaries, the signs of aging and enlarged pores

Calendula Petals – Promotes rapid wound recovery with antibacterial agents that address acne, chronic skin conditions, burns and rashes while hydrating severely cracked tissue 

Pineapple – Enhances the glow, texture and tone of our skin and exfoliates with the enzyme Bromelain. Vitamins C & A support skin immunity, reducing acne, fine lines, UV damage, scars, inflammation and swelling, increases elasticity and collagen as it combats wrinkle formation

Chamomile Petals – Contains 36 Flavonoids, compounds that have anti-inflammatory agents that soothe swelling with hypoallergenic, antiseptic and anti-fungal advantages and antioxidants that combat free radical damage and puffiness

French Pink Clay – Rich in skin supporting Silica that improves elasticity and cell renewal for an overall refreshed appearance slowing early aging and leaving our skin soft as silk

Inner Fillet Aloe Vera – Intensive moisturizer rich in 75 Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Vitamins C & A that create a cooling protective barrier, prevents water loss, accelerates cell reproduction and penetrates epidermis 4 times faster than water

Cow's Milk Yogurt – Rejuvenates dull complexions by refining fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, breakouts, enlarged pores and soothes burns and blemishes with cleansing and exfoliating Lactic Acid and Probiotics. Fantastic for soothing sunburns, Eczema, Rosacea and inflamed breakouts

Pink Grapefruit Oil – Disinfecting with refreshing aromatherapy benefits that aid in balancing and clearing congested pores as it tightens

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