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Rosewater Mist

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Do you really need a toning elixir in your skin care regime? The answer is ABSOLUTELY - but it's vital that it is soothing, protective and ALCOHOL-FREE! As part of our French Riviera Collection, our posh Rosewater Mist is a breeze to use as a dual purpose toner and matte makeup setting spray. A perfectly formulated botanical spa toner balances your skin’s pH levels, strengthens cells, calms Rosacea and Eczema, minimizes pores and improves absorption of your moisturizer for glowing skin. Balanced skin fights off irritating skin conditions, inflammation, redness, blackheads, blemishes, excessive oiliness and dryness. Our customers love the highlighted illumination our Rosewater Mist adds to their complexion with or without makeup. We do not add essential oils or fragrance to our weightless mist. It has an aroma of the natural ingredients only.

Our Rosewater Mist is designed to be lightweight and portable! Carry it in your purse or gym tote, as an anytime of the day refreshing mist, that is sure to energize your senses while keeping you feeling fresh with safe enough to ingest ingredients. It's a fantastic sunburn soother as well.

Sweet Life Spa's generous 4 ounce Rosewater Mist is handcrafted in Arizona, in small batches to ensure freshness and includes the following ingredients and benefits:

  • Wild Harvested Rosewater made from the rose petals and not the leaves and stems, like some in the marketplace, providing full potency of the rose's nutrients with Niacin and Vitamins A, C & D. Rosewater cocktails can be found in fine dining establishments around the globe. It clears your skin of any impurities and residue, effectively reduces redness and dark spots, absorbs excess sebum, increases moisture levels, reduces the appearance of pores and keeps your makeup looking dewy and fresh. This spa quality face, neck and décolleté mist is in the natural scent of roses that Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette bathed in, not the old school smell of toiletries from years ago. It is legend that Cleopatra seduced Marc Anthony with this intoxicating fragrance. One thing is certain, roses are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, add vibrancy and are a natural alternative to alcohol-filled, synthetic toners and sprays that often irritate the skin.
  • Organic Inner Fillet Aloe Vera is rich in skin craving antioxidants, fatty acids, Vitamins B 12, C and E, Beta-carotene, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Proteins, Polysaccharides and Salicylic Acid. It balances pH levels, deeply hydrates, soothes burns, redness, irritation, swelling and Eczema, contains antiseptic properties to fight breakouts, increases circulation and, as an anti-inflammatory, it speeds up wound recovery.
  • Sweet Life Spa’s True Colloidal Silver provides antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits with positively charged ions. The use of silver dates back to ancient times for food preservation and the prevention of undesirable pathogens in drinking water. Even though it is exceptional at killing bacteria, it does not create antibiotic resistance and is commonly used in burn trauma units worldwide.
  • Organic Alcohol-free Witch Hazel contains Tannins and Antioxidants with gentle astringent and antiseptic properties to reduce oxidative stress on our skin. It is commonly used for eliminating bacteria within pores, reducing inflammation and sensitivity, preventing cell damage and the signs of aging. It is also beneficial for razor burn, ingrown hairs, rashes, bruises, acne, spider veins and as a natural deodorizing hair or under arm spritz.
  • Organic Wild Harvested Brazilian Acai Fruit easily soaks into the layers of your skin, restores elasticity with vivid green Super Fruit Antioxidants and Fatty Acids for an anti-aging boost. It is perfect for all skin types, balances the moisture levels and boasts antibacterial agents.
  • Radish Root Ferment contains antibacterial and anti-microbial moisturizers beneficial for balancing skin microbiomes and inhibits impurities in our toning elixir                                        

Beneficial for every skin type, “Sweet Face” Rosewater Mist is the perfect alternative to harsh chemical laden toners that typically contain synthetic fragrances and dyes. None of our products contain alcohol, butylene glycol, phthalates, parabens, synthetics, soy, mineral oil, sulfates, silicone or artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrance.

    Absolutely nothing in our line is procured from China ensuring product purity. Arrives in a Made in the USA, Shatter-proof 4 ounce BPA-free, PET and 100% Post Consumer Recycled Bottle with a Fine Mist Spray Top. During the summer months, this product is shipped with a cold pack with no additional charge to you for orders within the Continental United States! Don’t miss out on our Apothecary “Sweet Face” Wash, Petal 5 Minute Facial and "Sweet Face" Serums for the complete spa experience at home. This product is made with Vegan, Kosher and Gluten Free ingredients.

    Ingredients: +Wild Harvested Rosewater, *Organic Inner Fillet Aloe Vera (USA), 100% Pure True Colloidal Silver (USA), *Organic Alcohol-free Witch Hazel (USA), +Organic Brazilian Acai Fruit Extract, (+Organic Radish Root Ferment (USA), *Organic Glycerin (USA), *Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract (USA) - ECOCERT Approved Preservatives, Antioxidants & Moisturizers)

    *USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Ingredients

    +Organically and ethically grown free of pesticides, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested, obtained from small family businesses in the USA

    Leaping Bunny Certified – We test on humans, not animals!

    Directions:  As a toner: After cleansing your face, shake the bottle, spray twice and swab your face with a cotton pad if you'd like, but it's not necessary. As a matte makeup setting spray: Before you have applied mascara, hold the bottle 6” from your face and mist twice. Rosewater Mist may be used anytime you desire a burst of freshness.

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