"Sweet Relief" Arnica Massage Oil

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Often used by athletes and massage therapists, German Arnica Montana is a member of the same family of flowers as the daisy and sunflower. We have searched the world over for the most effective organic and wild harvested muscle, tissue and joint soothing botanicals for our “Sweet Relief” Arnica Massage Oil. From the mountain-sides of Europe, our house-made German Arnica Montana blends beautifully with SIX of our finest Apothecary Botanical Solar Oils for a luxurious massage oil that also boasts anti-aging benefits. Like a stroll through a meadow on a sunny day, fresh and juicy Orange, Grapefruit, Helichrysum and Rosewood Essential Oils give our formula its uplifting and relaxing scent. These lush aromatics, petals and herbs are optimal for relief from stiffness, spasms, cramps, soft tissue inflammation, sports injuries, bruises, sprains, strains and problematic skin. Find out more about each star ingredient at the end of this listing.

  • Handcrafted in the USA by our founder who deals with chronic pain
  • Leaping Bunny Certified - We test on humans, not animals! 
  • Makes a fantastic spa gift for couples massages. Take it with you to a massage appointment
  • Generously sized and long lasting relief! Arrives in a 4 Ounce Made in the USA Post Consumer Shatterproof Bottle with a Precision Treatment Pump that delivers a small amount of oil perfect for each application.
  • Rich and ultra-concentrated with premium oils that offer a slow absorbing, lasting glide for deep tissue massage.
  • As with all of our spa skincare, we do not add sulfates, parabens, phthalates, Butylene Glycol, PEGs, mineral oil, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or fragrance, water or cheap fillers – just premium ingredients from the earth that have stood the test of time.  
  • To ensure product purity, we do not source any ingredients or packaging from China.
  • Our ingredients are obtained from small family businesses within the USA in support of our economy with as many as possible grown here

Founder’s Tip: German Arnica Montana is even more beneficial used before hiking, gardening and workouts on areas that tend to flare up including legs, wrists, feet and of course your neck, hips and back. Reapply after showering to areas with tension and tight, over-worked muscles.


+Organic Sweet Almond Oil, *Organic Coconut Oil, +Wild Harvested German Arnica Montana, +Organic Avocado Oil, +Organic Sunflower Oil, *Organic Sarsaparilla, *Organic Strawberry Leaf (USA), *Organic Passionflowers, *Organic Nettle, *Organic Burdock Root, *Organic St. John’s Wort, *Organic Jojoba Oil, *Organic Orange Peel (USA), +Organic Helichrysum, +Organic Rosewood, *Organic Grapefruit Peel (USA), +Organic Vitamin E (USA)

*Organic and Non-GMO Ingredient

+Organically and ethically grown free of pesticides, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested, obtained from small family businesses in the USA


Press the pump once to dispense a small amount of oil up to 3 times daily and massage in. For quick absorption, apply to damp skin. Always spot test before use, especially on sensitive skin and discontinue if irritation develops. If you have very fair skin avoid direct sun during use. We in no way claim this massage oil treats or cures any type of disease or medical condition. Consult with your doctor during pregnancy before use.  

Contains Tree Nuts And Coconut Fruit

For External Use Only

Do Not Use Near Broken Skin

German Arnica Montana – Renews tissue with the compound Helenalin, a major ingredient for anti-inflammatory preparations. Flavonoids, antiseptic and antibacterial agents soothe cramps, swelling, muscle spasms, bruising, strains and chronic conditions

Nettle – Treasured since Medieval Europe to unwind sore muscles, joints, arthritis, gout, tendonitis, sprains, strains and soothes burns and irritation

Sarsaparilla – Keeps skin looking youthful with antioxidants known to soften wrinkles and reduce dark spots, often used to help reduce inflammation in a broad range of conditions including joint pain, Rheumatism and Psoriasis with Quercetin, Steroidal Saponins, Ferulic Acid and the Flavonoid Astilbin

Passionflowers – Deeply moisturizing with high amounts of anti-aging Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Omega-6 and Mystic Essential Fatty Acids that protect from dryness and reduces skin’s inflammatory response with analgesics. Used in natural medicine to calm nerves, muscle spasms, Fibromyalgia and insomnia. Preserves collagen and elastin that keep your skin looking youthful, plump and firm while reducing allergic reactions

St. John’s Wort – Nourishing for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin and is loaded with flavonoids, glucosides and tannins that protect with a smoothing, plumping and toning effect that diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scar tissue. Those with Sciatica and nerve issues report relief with this herb and it may be best known for soothing anxiety, hormonal imbalances and depression. **Be cautious with its use on extremely fair skin in direct sunlight or consider our Organic “Sweet Sun” Screen

Burdock Root – Used for thousands of years to purify the blood and lymphatic system, to stimulate circulation and ease common skin issues from Eczema, Keratosis Pillaris, Dermatitis and Psoriasis to Acne. Proven to significantly improve the metabolism of the dermal extracellular matrix that led to a visible reduction of wrinkles and flaky skin

Strawberry Leaf – Considered one of the highest sources of Vitamin C in nature boosting higher levels than the plant’s delicious fruit. The leaf helps increase our skin’s immune defense with superior anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that protect from environmental toxins easing skin conditions and chronic pain disorders

Orange & Grapefruit Peel Oils – Disinfecting, immune boosting, uplifting, aids in relaxing muscular and nervous spasms. Citrus is commonly used to help with anxiety, anger and negative thoughts while eliminating toxins from the body

Rosewood Essential Oil – We only incorporate premium sustainably harvested essential oils in our preparations. This evergreen tree oil of Brazil is beneficial for headaches, stress relief, joint stiffness while discouraging wrinkles and acne with analgesic components. Also known as “bois de rose” it is prized in high-end perfumery for its warm wood, floral and fruity aroma that imparts a sensual, happy and relaxed feeling

Helichrysum –Native to the Mediterranean and also called Everlasting and Immortelle Flowers, it is best known for its inflammatory enzyme inhibition, free radical scavenging, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial activity and corticoid-like effects. It is often used to fade stretch marks, scars and blemishes increasing circulation directly below the surface of our skin

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